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Recently, a portable beverage holder on Amazon launched a rights protection. The plaintiff is Amazon seller AJ’s Nifty Products, and Drink caddy is a portable beverage box sold by the company. It has submitted an invention patent application as early as 2020. This case has been kept hidden, and it was only recently exposed. Let’s take a look at the infringement cases this week.


Drink caddy beverage box


Source: Amazon

Drink caddy is a portable beverage holder that can be used to transport and store various beverages, such as coffee, tea, soda, etc. This drink holder is usually made of reusable materials such as plastic or cloth, and has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy portability and use. The Drink caddy beverage box can also be adjusted to different beverage types to ensure that the beverage will not be spilled or damaged during transportation. Plus, it's insulated to maintain the temperature of your drink, making it even more convenient to drink.

The plaintiff is AJ’s Nifty Products, an Amazon seller from the United States, who is mainly responsible for providing dozens of products under the Caddy Mesa brand. And Drink caddy is a portable beverage box sold by the company.

The brand owner AJ’s Nifty Products sued for infringement on June 27, the case number is 23-cv-4131, the reason for the lawsuit is patent infringement, represented by BISHOP DIEHL & LEE, LTD law firm. The case has been in a state of concealment since the incident, and has only recently been exposed.

The patent name involved this time is Drink caddy, and the patent number is US11445840B1. If any seller has the same structure or function as the patent, there may be a risk of infringement, please check yourself as soon as possible.


Corset belt corset

A corset belt corset is a tight-fitting waist corset usually made of elastic materials such as nylon, polyester, etc. This corset fits close to the body, has the effect of tummy tuck and hip lift, and can improve the proportions and curves of the figure. It usually has adjustable shoulder straps and hook closures for easy donning and doffing.  freight forwarder

Corset belt is a brand of Hexin Holding Limited. This corset is very popular in the fashion industry and is widely used in various occasions, such as parties, weddings, dinner parties and so on. At the same time, it is also one of the choices of some women's daily wear.

The plaintiff brand successfully applied for the appearance patent of the Corset belt as early as March this year, and the patent number is USD981078S. This case is mainly for defending the rights of the Corset belt corset. The reason for the lawsuit is patent infringement and copyright infringement, and the case number is 23-cv- 04746, represented by YK LAW.

Sellers need to be aware that official pictures and videos cannot be used without authorization, otherwise there will be a risk of infringement.


Kreepsville666 Bat Hair Clip

Kreepsville 666 is a company that designs and sells horror, thriller, horror movie and Halloween related clothing, accessories and homeware. The brand was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Ohio, USA. Its product line includes T-shirts, hats, socks, gloves, scarves, accessories, etc. The brand's design inspiration comes from horror movies and culture, known for its unique patterns and colors, and is deeply loved by horror movie and culture lovers.

The brand attaches great importance to copyright, and it states on the website that the copyright of all materials on the website (including but not limited to text, computer code, artwork, photos, images, music, videos, etc.) on the website is owned by the brand. Discovery of unauthorized use will result in legal action for monetary damages and an injunction. FBA freight

It is understood that some sellers have received copyright infringement complaints for using two bat hair clips on the website, so sellers can check whether they have used the materials on the website at, and timely off the shelf.



RAFAEL MÁRCIO MELILLO BASTOS is a well-known Brazilian graphic designer who has a high reputation and influence in the field of design. His design style is unique, often combining traditional elements with modern elements to create works with strong visual impact. His work covers many different fields, including posters, illustrations, book covers, packaging design and more.


Image source:

Bastos's paintings are often inspired by his great-grandmother, so he uses his great-grandmother's name "Vó Maria" as a mark when selling his works. It is understood that 15 copyright pictures are involved this time, which are a group of cartoons in swag poses, showing their unique style and attitude.

The case is represented by Keith Law Firm, and three cases have been issued in succession. Therefore, sellers cannot use reorganized patterns in product images, listings, packaging, etc. without authorization.

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