A large number of accounts are blocked! This trademark cannot be used randomly

Lamb Shawn is a classic animation image. It may be prosecuted infringement without the plaintiff's authorization. No, the brand has recently launched infringement complaints, and it is estimated that many sellers are recruited. What other infringement cases are worthy of attention this week and look at it with Hugo cross -border.


Shaun the sheep lamb Shawn

The lamb Shawn rolled back! The brand Fang AARDMAN Animations Limited Et Al is founded in 1972. It is a world -renowned animation studio. It is known for its unique "classic fixed animation style" brand. It has several stories, including "Chicken Run" and "Curse of Rabbit". AARDMAN's repeated award -winning innovative animation style and loved role have made it one of the most accomplished animation studios so far.

In July, TME LAW, P.C., British Ademan Animation Company's entrusted law firm, initiated complaints in Illinois, USA, and issued two cases. Some people in the industry expect to start frozen accounts after half a month. The seller needs to check the lightning avoidance as soon as possible. The copyright image involved cannot appear in the publication. Listing's main map/product main map and product details page introduction. Under the use of the plaintiff's authorization, they may be prosecuted to infringement.


Animal feeding bag

The plaintiff brand is an animal feeding bag, the brand Fang Royal International, LLC Strust Law Foundation: Keener & Associates, P.C. Some seller feedback has been frozen for lending, and sellers who run pets have increased their vigilance to investigate whether there are such products infringement.


(Screenshot comes from the official website of the brand)

The plaintiff brand mainly operates animal breeding, nursing supplies products manufacturing, distribution and retail business. The products sold include animal feeding bags, horses, pet jackets and other products. In the case, the registered graphic trademark is a 21 animal feeder.


Bed binding belt

In July, the plaintiff brand was Under The Bed Restraint System bed restraint belt. The brand Fang Intora, INC Law Firm McDonald Hopkins LLC initiated a complaint in Illinois, USA. The plaintiff registered text trademark Under the Bed Restraint System in the 18 category of adults. 84 EBAY shops have been sued.

It is reported that many sellers will drain it as keywords in the title, but the word group has been registered in 2015. The right holder does not have the exclusive rights of the "Restraint System" in the trademark phrase. In other words, the main meaning of "Under The Bed" in the trademark phrase. If the seller's title uses "Under The Bed", it is also possible to judge infringement.


Drain ditch cleaning tool

The plaintiff The Guttertool, LLC is a roof cleaning company in North Carolina. Gutter Hawg (drainage ditch cleaning tool), using a long rod to enter the end of the tool, you can use the bucket to push the debris to the drainage groove.


(Screenshot comes from Gutterhawg official website)

It is understood that the plaintiff The Guttertool, the LLC Law Foundation Saper Law Offices, LLC launched an infringement complaint in the North District Court of Illinois in May. The case was approved by the court on July 5, and the store funds have been frozen.

According to the official website, Gutter Hawg is a contractor -level heavy tool that is designed for anyone with a clean drainage ditch, including the contractor using it all day. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional drainage groove cleaning company, The Gutter Tool is a good supplement in the toolbox. Gutter Hawg is made in the United States. It is designed to easily remove miscellaneous objects under those annoying drainage grooves and use it for difficulty or embarrassing drainage ditch cleaning. This will save time and solve the inconvenience of moving the ladder every few feet every few feet. You can also use it to clean the rear structure on the roof, such as the skylight.


It is worth noting that The Guttertool, LLC clearly reminds consumers on its official website that do not have a headache for buying cheap imitation products from China. If the purchased products are not in this website or their Amazon store, please check to ensure that it is one of its dealers. "Any other advertisements are made for Chinese fake tools." Chinese sellers. Sellers who sell related products need to pay special attention to check the risks as soon as possible. sea freight cost


Milwaukee Tool Milwaukee Tool

The plaintiff Milwa Electric Tool Company was established in Tellawa and was established in 1924. Brand Fang MilwaukeeeeeElectric Tool Corporation Passer Foundation HSP was sued in Illinois, USA. The case involves 41 trademarks, mainly registered in 07 electric tools, 08 -type manual tools, 09 -type battery and battery chargers, 11 types of electric hot air gun devices, and so on.

It is reported that the case is mainly trademark infringement. Milwaukee Tools sells its new product M12 compact fan, M18Fuel rivetor and M1826mm dusty adapter, and apply for trademark protection for M12 and M18. The trademark cannot be used at will without authorization, otherwise the risk of infringement is extremely great.

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