Tens of thousands of explosive products in reserved criticisms started to develop difficulties

01. The grip jar open tank opening device

Recently, Amazon's explosive cans have initiated rights protection. Some sellers have received emails and have begun to freeze the seller account. After inquiries, it was found that the Grip Jar Open tank opened in 1977. It opened any size or type of lid with simplicity and effectively. It has been trusted and loved by consumers. It has accumulated 12568 evaluations on Amazon.


Picture source: Amazon

The plaintiff The Grip Jar Opener, LLC commissioned the Sullivan & Carter law firm to perform an agent, mainly involving the infringement of trademarks and copyrights. It is understood that the development of The Grip Jar Open cans is because Clifford Kuss saw his father -in -law opened the jar because of physical discomfort, so he wanted to design a tool to help open the jar easily.

From the initial 20,000 tanks, it was made from wood to the sharp increase in demand, and he turned to plastic. At the beginning, it was mainly sold through churches and civilians. Over time, this product was dumped on the National Television (QVC, TBN, etc.) in the 1990s, achieved commercial success, and entered families from all over the United States.

In order to carry out new businesses, they started sales and distribution through Amazon and wholesale markets in 2002. In 2019, they improved the original brands and re -appeared with The GRIP.

The G GRIP graphics trademarks are temporarily disclosed in the 21 tank opening device and the bottle opening device. Therefore, unauthorized, the product pictures on the official website cannot be used. The seller needs to do a good job of self -check.

02. Ryan ’s World

Remka, Inc. is a company headquartered in Texas, with Ryan's World Children's Entertainment Channel. This channel was created by a ten -year -old American child and his family named Ryan Kaji. shipping rates

This brand was initially launched on YouTube, showing various interesting and creative activities of Ryan and his family, such as unpacking toys, challenging games and travel adventures.

Ryan's channel has achieved great success on YouTube, attracting 35.1 million subscribers and audiences. Ryan's World has also launched many brand -related toys, books and other products. These products are very popular globally. They can be purchased on their brand official website Ryans.World, Wal -Mart, and Amazon.


Picture Source: Ryan's World official website

The success of Ryan's World made Ryan a young network celebrity and brought business opportunities. In addition to YouTube, Ryan also has many fans on other social media platforms and cooperates with other brands.

Recently, the brand Fang REMKA and Inc. filed a trademark infringement lawsuit with the case number of 23-CV-4310 and was represented by the HSP law firm. The lawsuit mainly involves multiple trademarks, including text and graphic trademarks, and covers a wide range of categories, such as 03, 16, 21, 28, 29 and so on. Sellers and friends need to be removed and cash out in time if they have infringements to prevent property losses.

03. jun Lu

Jun Lu is a Chinese seller from Guangdong, which specializes in designing and selling smart doors. Among them, Electronic Door Knob is an electronic door handle sold on Amazon with a digital keyboard function. It uses high -quality metal jewelry and a solid zinc alloy structure. Privacy and protection.


Picture Source: Amazon (product example diagram)

The brand filed a lawsuit on July 5, mainly involving the US appearance design patent D981205. The earliest application date of the patent is January 15, 2021, and the next certificate date is March 21, 2023. Therefore, after its listing, the design product under this patent may involve infringement risks.

According to the meeting record on July 7, the plaintiff has proposed the motion of the Tro (Temporary RESTRAIINING ORDER), which has not yet been approved. It is expected to take effect as soon as next week, so sellers selling related products can withdraw funds in advance to reduce possible losses.

04. Howard raymond green, jr

Howard Raymond Green, Jr. is a painter in the United States. He was born in 1954 and now lives in California. His works usually include many different elements, such as animals, natural landscapes, characters and abstract patterns. logistics

Green's work is unique and bold in color. He often uses bright colors and strong contrasts to express his theme. His works usually have strong visual impact and artistic appeal.

Green's artistic career began in the late 1970s, when he began to appear in street art in Los Angeles. After that, he began to display his works in galleries and art institutions and won multiple awards and honors.

Green's works are widely collected and displayed, including museums and galleries in the United States and international. His works are also used in movies, television and advertising. You can appreciate his paintings on its official website https://howiegreen.com/.

This week, he entrusted the Keith Law Firm to initiate a case. The case involved 6 copywriting pictures, which can be viewed on its official website https://howiegreen.com/.

The seller cannot use the picture of the brand without authorization to avoid infringement.


Picture source: https://howiegreen.com/

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