Related risk prompts for UPS strikes in the United States


As the contract between UPS and Teamsters (truck driver union) will expire on July 31st. Recently, the two parties have failed to negotiate with labor and operation environment. The new contract matters are still anxious negotiations. If the two parties have not reached an agreement before July 31, the largest UPS strike in American history is likely to start on August 1. sea freight

In response to the above situation, our Ste made the following risk warning and reminder:

1. Due to the great probability of UPS, it is expected that all the seafits from the end of July and early August to Hong Kong may be delayed.

2. The goods that have been collected from this week, if the goods with higher time limit for time, can be recommended in advance to send cards or Fedex out of luck. If you specify Fedex, you need to pay attention to the following situation:

(1) At present, FBA warehouses that clearly refuse or have rejected Fedex parts are as follows: MEM1, QXY9, RGD1, BNA2, FTW9, SMF6, BFL2, XLX6, ABE4, TEB6, FWA4. Other unknown situations may also exist, and it may also affect the timeliness due to the increase in the amount of Fedex's goods.

(2) SBD3 warehouse cards, UPS, and fedex have rejection. It is recommended that customers change their positions.

(3) Those who are not specified for special specifications will choose Fedex by default, but the library and Supreme Supreme Channel that is easy to refuse will choose UPS by default.

(4) Xiangcheng International will give full play to the advantages of the back -end self -operated team, fully ensure the rapid transportation of goods, and reduce the risk of UPS delivery delays.

3. About timeliness compensation: Due to the strike of UPS's great possibilities, it is expected that all seafits from the end of July and early August, such as the extraction and transfer delays caused by the possibilities caused by the UPS strike, which is suitable for the exemption of time -delayed delayed liability exemption In terms of terms, our company will not accept the time -delay claims caused by pusal resistance factors.

4. Our company will pay close attention to the progress of the UPS strike in a timely manner, actively coordinate the capacity of all parties in our company, do our best to improve the time limit for UPS delivery, and reduce the scope and time of delay effect.

5. After the UPS strike is over, our company will restore all the time delay clauses of all sea -faction channels in a timely manner. Xiangcheng International has been committed to the continuous improvement of service level and customer satisfaction. We sincerely hope that with the majority of old and new customers, we will work together to overcome the difficulties brought about by this UPS strike! Thank you again for your understanding and support!

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