Sprinkle Amazon Prime Day, remember to collect this task list

Amazon recently announced an exciting news: Prime Day in 2023 will be held from July 11th to 12th. This is an annual event for all Amazon sellers.

To fully seize this opportunity, sellers must prepare in advance.

Ai Fan here has compiled the task list needed for the preparation of PRIME Day. It is divided into three main directions: product, sales and inventory distribution. logistics

1. Products:

Optimize title, product description, keywords:

The title must be modified to make it fascinating and accurate; to modify the sentences in the description of the product, make it direct and detailed, and show the uniqueness of the product to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Add keywords related to products and high conversion rates, which can make it easier for products to be found by potential buyers on Amazon, increasing sales conversion rates. The specific method is to conduct keyword research on the top 10 competitors and borrow from the fusion.

Update high -quality product pictures and videos:

By providing clear and detailed pictures, customers can better understand the appearance, details and characteristics of the product. Video can bring better experience to customers, increase customers' trust and satisfaction with the product, and increase their willingness to buy.

Collect more latest comments:

Buyers usually look for the latest comments to evaluate the quality of the product. By collecting more high -quality comments, you can give potential buyers a more comprehensive product feedback and build trust.

Carefully choose the correct product to put on advertising:

Select the correct product for centralized release (such as the score of more than 3.6, more than 100 comments, including high -quality product description, pictures and videos, and inventory). You can get a higher conversion rate during the PRIME Day period.

2. In terms of sales:

Adjusting advertising budget:

Before Prime Day, many consumers will actively find discounts and preferential information on various channels. Therefore, before starting sales, they need to attract their attention and let them put the goods in the shopping cart in advance. Increasing advertising budgets can increase the exposure of products during PRIME Day.

During the PRIME Day, many sellers will compete for advertising, especially those CPC ads that are charged by clicks, and the advertising costs may soar. Tinuiti, a market strategy company, publicly stated that they would increase the advertising budget at least 50%.

Layout according to sales data, trend and conversion rate:

Take different advertising strategies for SKUs with good sales and low sales volume. Through the sales data of each SKU in the store, you can find the potential products to improve the bidding strength of these products CPC ads. For SKUs with low sales volume, the budget of advertising bidding can be reduced.

Cooperate with net red:

In the Instagram, Facebook, TIKTOK, or YouTube, it is suitable for Internet celebrities, or the Amazon influence plans can be used. The personal label of the Internet celebrities should be consistent with brand values, and its fan group must match the audience of the product. Cooperate with them, insert ads in the content, and let the target audience understand the discounts and discounts of Prime Day in advance.

Put it with a bundle package:

Give full play to creativity and create a bundled bag of complementary products. Many customers are inert. If there is a "one -stop service" that saves time, they will like it very much. This can not only save transportation and packaging costs, but also increase the value of the average order and encourage everyone to consume more.

Third, inventory and distribution

Check the inventory and estimate the stocking:

For each Amazon seller, it is a nightmare. During the PRIME Day, sales are likely to increase significantly. Therefore, reasonable inventory planning needs to be made based on market demand and historical data (last year's data) to avoid out -of -stock.

Plan the logistics and set up the Amazon direct distribution service:

Sellers need to complete the FBA's position as soon as possible, formulate the rapid processing and delivery process to respond to the peak order, and prepare additional packaging materials.

Amazon direct delivery Amazon Direct Fulfillment can be used as a FBA alternative. Electronic data exchange (EDI) can be used between suppliers and Amazon to share inventory information in real time. Even though Amazon's warehouse cannot meet the order requirements, the seller can still meet the customer's purchase needs through the service and ensure that the order is successfully completed.

The above is the task list of sprinting Prime Day. Everyone seize the last time and check it again.

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