What should Amazon sellers do if they encounter malicious competition on Prime Day?

As Prime Day enters the countdown, some small sellers have encountered malicious competition that has caused problems with their accounts.

In fact, on the eve of this kind of big promotion, not only the platform will create problems for the sellers, but the competitors will also try their best to stand out from the encirclement. promotional activities. Recently, sellers who have encountered malicious competition received a notification from the Amazon platform, informing them that the seller’s account has been deactivated and all the products they sell have been removed from the shelves.

What exactly caused the account to be blocked?

According to the seller's own speculation, it should be that his product was maliciously placed on the order-swiping website.

According to the seller's description, he received a warning letter from the platform in May, and the reason given was that the account had fraudulent behavior in 2022. When the seller received the warning letter, the seller was still very confused. After all, he had been far away from ordering for a long time. He basically had no contact with ordering last year, but he didn’t think about it. He could only write according to Amazon’s requirements. After receiving the appeal letter, Amazon lifted the alert and the store is still operating normally. However, within a few days after this letter solved the problem, he received another email from Amazon. The content of the email was similar to the previous situation, except that this time the platform informed the small partners that the product appeared on a website for ordering. Therefore, it is determined that the seller has the behavior of swiping orders. Since Amazon provided the address of the website at the same time, the seller checked the website by himself and indeed found his product. The seller had no choice but to contact the website administrator, but has not received any reply. So the seller also felt very sad, after all, he has long since stopped contacting the matter of swiping orders, and even the service providers he cooperated with before were all deleted last year. However, it can be judged from this matter that there must be malicious competition among peers. This method is to put competitors' products or stores on the order-swiping website, and then go to Amazon to report, and finally the competitors will be punished by Amazon. This situation is not only for small sellers, but also for some big sellers. We have indeed been suffering from malicious means of competition for a long time.

So for this kind of malicious competition, how can sellers protect their legitimate rights and interests?

First, appeal immediately, explain everything to Amazon, and if you can provide evidence, you must submit it together with the evidence. Second, use service providers or target certain competitors, and then negotiate and communicate privately to see if a compromise can be reached.

Third, if you have caused a large loss, you must take up legal weapons to protect yourself and obtain corresponding compensation.

In short, whether you are in Amazon or other industries, you will encounter some vicious competition. For sellers, "the heart of harming others is indispensable, and the heart of preventing others is indispensable." You must always arm yourself and protect yourself. In order to benefit the interests, lay out some alternatives in advance to prevent major changes. logistics

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