Unverified Amazon accounts will be suspended on July 7

Unverified Amazon accounts will be suspended on July 7

The Amazon US station announced that the US Consumer Notification Act came into effect on June 27, and Amazon requires sellers to comply with the new law after completing the verification, otherwise, starting from July 7, the payment of the Amazon sales account will be suspended. Amazon may need to re-verify seller information if the seller makes changes to the information after verification. Amazon is also obligated by law to require sellers to confirm that Selling on Amazon account information is updated at least annually.

British logistics giant declares bankruptcy, eBay's large-scale commodity transportation is affected

Recently, eBay UK station announced that Tuffnells Parcels Express, a British courier company, has entered the stage of bankruptcy administration. The company stated that all its transportation hubs and warehouses have been closed at present, and any situation will be notified separately. In order to reduce the impact of Tuffnells package delivery interruption on sellers' business, eBay will automatically protect seller performance from June 11 to July 1, 2023. And to support sellers selling bulky items, eBay has partnered with other big delivery providers like Arrow XL, Furdeco, BJS Home Delivery and Palletways to ensure discounted shipping rates.

ST has a tree: At present, a large amount of frozen funds on the Amazon platform has not been unfrozen

ST Youkeshu said on the interactive platform that a large amount of frozen funds on the Amazon platform has not yet been unfrozen, and the company is trying to unblock the frozen funds in multiple ways, and is working hard to resolve the problem of overdue bank debts. The company will strive to improve its operating and financial conditions, improve and protect the company's ability to continue operating, and strive to cancel other risk warnings.

SHEIN denies secret application for listing in the US, saying the news is false

A source posted on Weibo yesterday that China’s cross-border e-commerce company SHEIN has secretly submitted materials to relevant parties in the United States to apply for listing in the United States. Sources also said that SHEIN has hired Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase to handle the IPO. In this regard, SHEIN responded to the reporter, saying that the news is not true.

U.S. Amazon delivery drivers expand scope of strike, ONT1 warehouse affected

According to foreign media reports, on June 25, delivery drivers in Palmdale, California, USA expanded the strike to Amazon's second delivery facility, Bernardino (ONT1). The striking drivers demanded that Amazon stop unfair labor practices or they will continue to strike until Amazon reinstates illegally fired employees, recognizes the Teamsters union, respects the contracts negotiated by the workers, and negotiates with the Teamsters union to address low wages and dangerous Working conditions issue. On June 24, Amazon delivery drivers went on strike at a fulfillment center in Palmdale, California. A total of 84 drivers were reportedly involved in last week's strike.

The number of overseas viewers of cross-border live broadcasts on Ali International Station increased by 186% year-on-year

According to data from Ali International Station, in May this year, the number of live broadcasts per day increased by 66% year-on-year, and the number of overseas viewers increased by 186% year-on-year. Since the beginning of this year, in order to further adapt to the characteristics of Class B cross-border live broadcasts, Ali International Station has launched a series of new technologies, and new models such as simpler station live broadcasts have emerged. This series of new technologies includes: "Time Compass" that can help foreign trade companies find a suitable broadcasting time slot; In addition, the "voice-to-subtitle and translation" function will be launched on the international station in the near future.

Wanlihui: From January to June, the number of overseas store opening applications by Chinese sellers increased by 125.88% year-on-year

On June 27, WorldFirst released an inventory of cross-border e-commerce trends in the 2023 semi-annual period. The data shows that the vast number of Chinese small, medium and micro sellers are actively going overseas. From January to June this year, Chinese sellers who used Wanlihui’s global voyage service opened stores overseas. The number of applications increased by 125.88% year-on-year, and the number of platforms that the average customer applied for increased by 66.9%. "Since the first half of this year, more than 10 blue ocean e-commerce platforms, including France's Rakuten, Britain's Fruugo, Poland's Allegro, and South Korea's Gmarket&Auction, have come to China to hold offline business promotion meetings through official partners such as Wanlihui, and meet Chinese sellers face to face on the spot." , said Shi Wenyi, vice president of Ant Group International Business Group.

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