How to prepare Amazon's Primday?

Amazon Prime Day is coming soon, and in less than a month, it will start the annual promotion event, and the carnival day of the seller is coming.

However, it does not mean that every seller can be carnivated, but compared to the usual orders, basically the sellers' orders will rise to varying degrees. The head sellers are really big carnival.

So what preparation should sellers do before Prime Day comes?

First, Stock preparation

Amazon's Prime Day is an annual large -scale promotional activity. Sellers need to make full inventory preparations to cope with the orders during the peak period. Here are some suggestions:

Forecast sales based on historical data and market trends, and increase inventory accordingly.

Considering the use of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, this will make your product more easily discovered by Prime members and enjoy free two -day delivery services. 

Make sure your product list information is accurate to prevent delays or cancel orders caused by information errors.

Prepare additional packaging materials and labels in order to quickly and accurately handle orders.

Ensure that your supply chain operates smoothly, and the inventory will be avoided in time to avoid the occurrence of out of stock.

Second, preferential strategy

During the Amazon Prime Day event, you can adopt the following strategies to promote sales:

1. Provide special discounts

During the PRIME Day, in order to attract more buyers, you can provide higher discounts or coupons than usual.

2. Packing and sales

Binding the product together to be sold together to encourage buyers to buy a package, which can increase the value of the order.

3. Limited time promotion

Set up promotion time and provide additional discounts or other discounts to certain products within the specified time. logistics

4. Promote new products

Introducing new products and discounts and discounts during Prime Day to attract buyers' attention and purchase.

5. Increase visibility

Use advertising and promotion functions to increase your product exposure on Amazon's website and attract more traffic and buyers.

Cooperate with other sellers: cooperate with other sellers to cross sales of each other.

Third, Advertising settings

As an Amazon seller, you can set up advertisements to promote your product during Prime Day.

Create a dedicated Prime Day advertising plan: In order to ensure that your advertisement gets more exposure and attention during the period of Prime Day, we recommend that you create a special advertising plan and customize your advertising content and investment strategy for Prime Day.

Adjusting bids and budgets: Due to the fierce competition during Prime Day, you may need to adjust the advertising bid and budget to ensure that your advertisement can be displayed at critical moments, while ensuring that your advertising cost is controlled within a reasonable range.

Use Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands Advertising Format: During the PRIME Day, you can use the two advertising formats of Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands to promote your products. Sponsored Products ads usually display on the search results page, and Sponsored Brands advertise can increase the popularity of your brand and display your product list on the search results page. shipment

Use custom tags: By using custom tags, you can associate your products with specific themes, such as "Prime Day discount" or "time limit promotion", so that users can easily find your product, thereby improving you Exposure and sales.

Pay attention to advertising performance: During the PRIME Day, you need to pay close attention to advertising performance indicators, such as advertising clicks, conversion rates and costs. By comparing the performance of different advertising and make adjustments in time, it can ensure that your advertising strategy plays a role to the greatest extent.

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