Amazon Advertising Small Tips!

Now that Amazon's co -regulatory operation is getting further and further, advertising has become a very important part and the core link. Without advertising to maintain it, relying on the ranking of going out outside the station will soon decline. It can be seen that now it is a market environment that spend money to buy traffic.

In this environment of spending money to buy traffic, it is easy to step on the pit. If the advertisement is on the pit, it will not affect your account security, but the advertisement will gradually eat your store profit. So improving advertising skills is the homework that sellers must master. FBA freight

How to avoid the situation of advertising?

1. Many sellers only choose to put on one advertisement during the promotion of the new product. The type of advertising is very single. Most of them are only automatic and manual. Other types of advertisements are not put in. This will lead Single, the order will not be so stable, because once a keyword seller who has a high bidding of keywords appears, the advertising will be robbed.

2. Do not classify keywords according to the attributes of the category. For example: What you made is a yoga rope product. Did you put it on the size and color of the yoga rope? If there is no subdivision, a lot of accurate flow will be missed.

3. The advertising budget is not reasonable. Generally speaking, the law of 28 is suitable for any industry. The same is true for the Amazon advertising budget. Sellers should put their 80%of their budgets in a 20%of the performance group. What kind of advertising group is good? It is ACOS controlled below 30%. The remaining 20%of the advertising budget can be used to test other advertising groups, thereby preventing too much advertising fee from eating profits. freight rates

4. Adjust the bidding of the advertising keywords. Do not be too frequent. Many friends are habitually adjusting the advertising budget and the bidding of keywords every day. In fact, Amazon's advertising group has data delay. Generally speaking, it takes about a week to reflect the real data. To adjust the bidding of advertising keywords, many keywords will be disturbed by this way.

5. Pay attention to only a single indicator, such as ACOS. In fact, as long as the development of the entire link is positive and the profit is positive, there is no need to care too much about ACOS. Do not move too much at one time and gradually optimize.

6. Advertising with a brand. In fact, the effect of brand words is very good. Many channels outside the station recommend your products. When consumers cannot find your product through keywords, most of the time will find your product by searching for brand words.

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