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According to today, the seller received a notice that the Amazon Prime DAY date in 2023 was scheduled to be on July 11 and July 12. Amazon's official investment manager said that there was no clear notice for the time being, and the official news had to be waited.

Prime Day is one of Amazon's biggest promotional activities every year. According to the previous rules, this year is probably the probability of being held in July. Amazon Prime Day in 2022 was held on July 12 and July 13. In addition, Amazon also held a second Prime Day event in October last year, called Prime first experience special sale.

Although the specific time of this year has not yet been determined, as early as the end of March, Amazon reminded the seller to start the promotion and inform the seller's membership day:

1. Encourage sellers to prepare and reserve enough inventory for their transactions.

2. The seller must create their Prime Day transactions before April 28, 2023 to participate.

3. The seller must ensure that their inventory arrives at the Amazon American operation center before June 15, 2023. (It is recommended to ship in advance to solve the problem of potential logistics, weather, customs or carrier.)

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