Amazon issued an unknown detention fund warning

Amazon officials have disclosed that based on the US Consumer Notification Law, Amazon sellers must complete corporate information verification before June 27, 2023. When preparing various information to be verified, some sellers received a notice from Amazon and pointed out that the seller was detained with the store funds without timely verification.

In fact, not only Amazon, other cross -border e -commerce platforms are also asking sellers to complete their identity verification review. Some sellers teased, "This year is the first year of the verification of cross -border e -commerce!"


Not verified in time, funds are detained

It is only half a month left before the "Consumer Notification Law". The verification is imminent. Some sellers have successfully completed the verification, but there are still many sellers in the process of verification. A large number of sellers triggered video verification yesterday.

"Be sure to prepare. Not only do the legal person out of the country, display business licenses, ID cards, etc., you also need to answer various questions. Although the information is real, the legal person does not touch the operation, the answer is accurate, it is easy to hang up, and it is judged to be fraud. We just hung a shop. "A seller said. shipping agent

Some sellers said that if they were not verified by the legal person, they would be asked more questions, and even when they encountered video authentication if they asked for social security under this license, they asked to open Alipay to verify social security on the spot. What happened to Amazon? But the reviewer did ask. "

It is worth noting that there have been recent feedback from sellers that because they have not completed the verification in time, they have been notified by the detention of funds.

Earlier, Amazon informed the seller's "Consumer informing the Act" on June 27, and the seller had to verify the verification as long as it was completed before the bill took effect. However, many sellers have received the email again since then, and some sellers have been required to complete the relevant verification operations before June 8th to avoid payment interruption or account suspension. Some sellers receive the request to complete the address verification before June 8th, and some require the completion of bank account verification.

Yesterday, an Amazon seller broke the news that he had recently received Amazon's email notification that the funds were detained because they did not comply with the "Consumer Notification Law". At the same time, another seller said that the account was not suspended, but all the funds in the account were removed as reserved amount, and the funds could not be withdrawn.

Many sellers speculate whether the bank account verification fails, or changing the new legal person bank card, which will cause failure and cause funds to be deducted.

However, the aforementioned seller stated that his account did not receive a verification email notification to submit the information before June 8th, so he did not verify or submit information at the time.

According to its speculation, it is likely that the previous verification demand is too large. The Amazon system did not present the seller's entrance to the seller, which caused the seller to miss the verification window. Earlier, many sellers said that they did not receive verification emails, and they kept refresh in the background to verify the entrance.

According to the official statement, if the seller who has not yet completed the information verification process, Amazon will contact the seller through emails and provide corresponding operation guidance. The information verification does not have the title or fine, but the account number will be discontinued if it is not verified in time and affects normal use. Once the verification is completed, it will be restored. Therefore, if you want to solve the problem of deducting funds, the seller needs to complete the verification as soon as possible. If on June 27, the store may have the risk of being directly closed.

A small agency in China! Covenant by a world -class company?


Not only Amazon, the multi -platform requires verification

"As long as the company's normally survive and identity information is not expired, normal submission will be basically over, and the information will be backup, because the platform that needs to be verified is not just Amazon."

The implementation of the new rules of the "Consumer informing Law" in the United States is not for Amazon, but for all third -party platforms, such as: Wal -Mart, eBay, etc., they will also require the authenticity of the identity ID of the seller to improve the legal of platform stores. Sexuality and trust, and then increase their efforts to combat counterfeit and inferior products to ensure the rights and security of consumers.

Earlier, also issued a notice that the Dunhuang network platform has established a process of collecting and verifying the business information of seller. Effective email addresses, effective phone numbers and tax recognition numbers, sellers must ensure that the above information provides is truly effective and the latest information.

It should be noted that in most cases, the seller has completed the verification of the required information, and the information has not changed, so there is no need to submit this information again.

The US "Consumer Notification Act" is strictly implemented. A large number of accounts registered through simple information may not be able to continue to sell Amazon. Many sellers are also worried that submitting this information will cause some invisible risks to the seller. logistics

After the new bill is implemented, Amazon will review the tax number of the country where the seller is located, and overseas companies may be deducted by 10%of the reserved income tax. At the same time, some sales data may be synchronized. It is recommended that the federal tax number registered in the United States in the name of a seller registered in Amazon in the name of a Chinese company to carry out the annual normal income tax declaration is very necessary. Moreover, it is best to apply for and apply for sales tax at the state where the warehouse is located.

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