Developing high unit -priced products in Amazon is time and trend.


On Amazon, pet products have grown at a high speed because of the new crowns. As the pet economy takes off, people's demand for high -tech pet products is increasing. Today we take the smart cat sand basin as an example to explore what is the key to making high -unit pet products?

As we all know, making high unit -price products is inseparable from the two "people have no self, people have me excellence".

When this smart cat sand basin was launched in 21 years, it was priced at 699 US dollars. It was not that people had me. With their innovative automatic cleaning function, the cat owners were greatly facilitated. need. At that time, they were the pioneers of this market. Only a few competitors. Even if the sales volume was only 10%of the low -cost product sales, their profits were considerable.

However, by June 2023, the price of this smart cat sand pot has fallen to $ 419, with obvious market changes. what is the reason? Let's look at the market competition first. Amazon is a Red Sea. A product will soon face the steady stream of selling. In addition, the trend of the pet supplies market will come in. Come more.

More choices in the market have also brought more intense price competition. Then there is the change in the income of consumer groups. From the end of 22 years, American consumers have gradually entered the stage of consumption tightening due to inflation and uneasy social atmosphere. Their sensitivity to prices has also increased accordingly. Strong (after all, it can also be replaced with less advanced ordinary cat sand pots), which further promotes the decline in price. But this does not mean that the market prospects of smart cat sand pots are unclear. shipping rates

In the US market, the pet economy is still growing, which means that there are potential users to increase. At the same time, some user needs also need to trigger through products, and new sales opportunities still exist.

How can Amazon sellers respond in the short life cycle?

The case of the smart cat sand basin tells us that the life cycle of high unit -priced products is not lasting. As Amazon sellers, we must quickly grasp the market trend to develop products. At the same time, we must do patent protection as soon as possible and quickly launch.

If the market feedback of the product is not good, you must find the problem to adjust or develop new products as soon as possible. On the contrary, if your high unit price products have good market feedback, then further do a good job of after -sales, establish consumer awareness of the brand in time, and form brand loyalty, so as to continuously adjust the operating strategy in interactive feedback. Flexible market fluctuations.

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