When optimizing Listing, how to obtain precise keywords and fill in the five major selling points?

1. Four methods to obtain precise keywords

Method 1: Pull down Lenovo in the front search box of Amazon

Prime Day干货:优化Listing时,如何获取精准关键词、填写五大卖点?

After pulling down and entering the product, you will find that Amazon has officially generated many long-tail words related to the product. These words can also be understood as recommendations by the system based on consumers' historical searches. Then sellers can extract these keywords for their own use and fill them in the listing copy.

Of course, in addition to the keywords officially recommended by Amazon, you can also go to the search boxes of other e-commerce platforms to refer to which product-related keywords consumers on other platforms are searching for. This is a relatively elementary method suitable for novices.

Method 2: Refer to the listing copy and comments of the best-selling competing products in the category

Prime Day干货:优化Listing时,如何获取精准关键词、填写五大卖点?

As the saying goes, if you know yourself and the enemy, you can win a hundred battles. There must be a reason why competing products sell well. Then sellers can also observe the titles, five-point descriptions and A+ pages of competing products, and compare the keywords carefully. This method is not limited to You can refer to Amazon, other markets and other platforms.

But be careful, this is not to suggest that you copy and copy. It is to extract these keywords, and then use the tool to intercept the keywords, and then fill in the selected keywords in the title, five-point description and A+ page middle. shipping

Method 3: Find high-conversion keywords through background reports (advertising reports/brand analysis reports)

Prime Day干货:优化Listing时,如何获取精准关键词、填写五大卖点?

Advertising is a very good tool to eliminate keywords. When the seller advertises, he will also collect the Acos of some keywords, and the Acos should not be too high or too low. Moderate is the best. After finding a suitable Acos keyword, you can extract it and find the advertising report.

Sellers can go to the advertising page to find advertising reports, or go to the brand analysis page to find brand analysis reports, from which they can see information such as popular keywords of each category, keyword search volume and competition, and can record the keywords inside , After combining automatic advertising and manual advertising for a period of time, you can find some keywords with better performance.

Note: Sometimes you can’t just look at the indicator of Acos, but also look at your target sales volume. If the order has reached the expectation, then the current keyword setting is also possible.

Method 4: Use a third-party word-finding tool, and then choose according to your needs

After using the above different methods to find precise keywords, find the "Search Term" on the Listing editing page and fill in it. At this time, the seller may find two paths, one is "Product Details→Search Keywords" and the other is "Keywords →Search Keyword".

Prime Day干货:优化Listing时,如何获取精准关键词、填写五大卖点?

Then you can fill in the keywords in the corresponding boxes into titles, pictures, five selling points, product descriptions, A+ pages, etc., so as to improve the quality and relevance of Listing copywriting, and increase Listing traffic and conversion rates.

Note: You can fill in the keywords in the background without commas and separate them with spaces. If it is a fashion category product, fill in the keywords in the background, it should be less than 250 characters, and for other categories it should be less than 500 characters.

Some sellers will also ask, can the search keywords filled in be the same as the search terms in the background? In fact, it is best not to, because the two are complementary to each other. If the keywords in the two parts can be searched, then their weight may be the same, so find more effective keywords and fill them in separately.

At the same time, it is also recommended that sellers explore some more characteristic keywords. If the keywords are the same as those of competing products, it is fine, but the search effect may not be very good, because this is equivalent to two people sharing a share of traffic, and it is not recommended to share competing products. Put your brand name in the keywords, because there is a risk of infringement.

2. How to write the five selling points?

You should know that the five major selling points can help display the features and advantages of the product and prompt consumers to place an order. The main points should be clear and concise. It is generally recommended to control the total length of all the main points within 1000 characters.

The reference steps for writing the five major selling points: know yourself - know others - integrate the information into a draft. At this time, I will give you an example in the form of Q&A:

Q: I am a seller of wall racks, and I don’t know how to write product selling points, what should I do?

A: At this time, you can imagine, if you want to add a wall shelf to your home, under what circumstances might it be used?

Q: One of the usage scenarios that can be thought of is that there is no extra space to place shower gel, shampoo and other supplies when taking a shower in the bathroom. You may think of installing a shelf in the bathroom, or there may be no extra space when using a projector. Placement, then you need a strong shelf to put the projector on it.

A: Then according to these specific use scenarios, you can reverse the selling points of the product. For example, if this shelf is placed in the bathroom, it must have waterproof function. If you want to install a shelf on the wall to help save Space, then how many things can be placed on this shelf is also a point of concern for consumers, especially for heavier items, the requirement for the shelf is to have a certain load-bearing capacity.

There are also some consumers whose hands-on ability is not strong enough, so the installation requirements of this shelf are very simple, and one person can install it at home. At this time, the requirements for materials are also very high. logistics

Every category on Amazon has a best seller ranking. For example, there is a ranking under the wall shelf. This is based on historical sales. You can find the top 10 or top 20 competing products. Open On their Listing page, observe how the product's selling points are written, and you can also intercept the highlighted selling points.

In particular, it is found that the selling points of many competing products have similarities, so these similarities may be the selling points that consumers care about and the reason why they are willing to place an order.

Prime Day干货:优化Listing时,如何获取精准关键词、填写五大卖点?

You can also pull down to the consumer review section, and pay attention to the key points mentioned in the consumer reviews, such as what is good about this product and what is not good about it. These are useful information and they are also the selling points of the product that they care about. If the points that the seller is not satisfied with are extracted, it can instead promote the update and iteration of the product.

Q: After getting to know yourself and others, you have summed up a lot of points, how do you integrate the information together?

A: At this time, all the information cannot be piled up together. At this time, you can refer to the integration logic in the figure below to sort out the complete five selling points.

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