A large number of sellers received the Amazon address verification notice


After the seller's identity information review, many sellers recently received Amazon's email notification and were asked to submit the address to verify the information. Amazon will send postcards containing verification codes to the company address displayed on the seller's information page. From time to time, most sellers are required to be completed by the end of July, otherwise the funds will be retained in the seller's account until the address is verified.

The specific letter of notification received by the seller is as follows:

Dear seller:

As part of our commitment to buyers and sales partners with a safe and reliable shopping experience, you need to verify the company's address displayed on the seller's information page. To this end, we will send a unique code to the address you archive. You need to enter this code in the seller platform before 2023-07-22. If you do not complete this process before ***, the future payment will be retained in your seller's account until your address is verified. FBA shipping

You can follow the steps below to verify your address:

1. Log in to the seller platform.

2. On the seller platform, go to the "Settings" menu, and then select "Account Information" to view your "seller account information" page.

3. In the "Enterprise Information" section, select the company address page. If your company's address is incorrect, please update, and then click "Confirm the address" after the display information is correct.

4. After clicking "Confirm the address", we will send a postcard containing the verification code to the address. Most postcards will be delivered within 5-7 working days.

In addition, many sellers have been asked to verify the telephone. Senior sellers suggest that you must check the store information, confirm your information before filling in, and then check the business license status before submitting to see if you cancel or be in an abnormal list.

Earlier, Amazon has issued a notice to, in accordance with the requirements of the US Consumer Notification Act, as of June 27, 2023, Amazon will collect, verify and disclose all eligible third -party seller corporate information to consumers. These include: seller authentication, bank account verification, corporate address verification, telephone number verification, tax information verification. Amazon will notify the seller's required verification operation in the form of mail, and notify the seller to complete one or more verification operations on the seller's account information page in the form of a banner.

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