U.S. Post will be wrapped in a unipansed noodle package

In the past two weeks, UPS and other American courier companies have a strong crackdown on violations. For stealing regions, weighing stolen and running water accounts, such as fake accounts, fake accounts have been black, fraudulent goods are detained, and some overseas warehouses are even disqualified from picking up goods, facing investigation.

Since this week, the United States Post has also begun to strictly check the running water accounts and masters, and the movements are even more severe. It is not only a stealing goods, but also the relevant websites and accounts are hard to escape, and the fraud may even be arrested.

On May 12, the Postal Service and the Postal Inspect Service launched expanded criminal prevention measures. Specific plans include reducing the robbery and email theft of the postman, the prevention of fraud, and the crackdown on the counterpart. The latter two have a great impact on cross -border e -commerce.

In the unilateral aspect of the Kamen Facial, in fiscal 2022, the Postal Authority and the Post Inspection Bureau seized more than 340,000 parcels with false noodles and more than 7.7 million forged stamps. Essence Now, the actions expanded to combat fraudulent orders include:

1. The postal department intercepts a package with fake labels. The postal service bureau will fully exercise new power to collect and handle parcels found to have false face sheet.

2. Review the goods during the visit of the posts and warehouses of the postal bureau.

3. Close the website and close the e -commerce account selling false face sheet orders.

4. Contact and cooperate with e -commerce companies to destroy activities.

5. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) cooperation.

6. Promotion and Inspection Bureau's reward plan, the plan provides clues to provide rewards for those who are arrested and offended by illegal use, reuse or falsification, postage stamps, license marks, or other people. , Sell or hold any intended to sell any, forged or false face stamps, etc.


Camping related measures for false face sheet

In addition, the Post Office handled more than 33 million address changes (COA) transactions in fiscal 2022. Most COA fraud was driven by the motivation to theft of the postal service. Now, the Post Office is starting to strengthen the verification process of all COA methods -electronics and hard copy formats, whether it is mailing or submitting in person. Prevent address change fraud operations include:

1. In April, the Post Office implemented dual identity verification services for the online address change transaction to provide enhanced security control to reduce fraud.

2. From May 31st, postal services will provide enhanced face -to -face address changes in post office and retail stores. COA customers can verify their identity by showing the approved identity to retail clerks.

3. Postal service customers who seek COA will now receive a verification letter on their old address and receive a activation letter on its new address.

4. As an additional guarantee measure, postal services will no longer accept the application for changing the address changing submitted by a third party.

In the cross -border logistics industry, false noodle orders and address changes are more common operations. The false face order is operated by running water accounts, and the cost is almost 0. It is very popular in some China -US special line logistics companies. The freight forwarding uses this to save costs and improve the attractiveness of picking up goods in the market. Address changes are often said to be said In the stealing area, some freight forwarding will shorten the delivery distance by changing the delivery address, and then pay less freight.

Now, the new measures of the United States Post have accurately sniped these two operations -the difficulty of changing the address operation is greatly increased, and the review and processing of false face orders are also more harsh. Go in. It is a heavy punch to the US -Line logistics.

In fact, the US Post is not temporarily intentionally, but has a long plan.

Due to the surge in false face orders in recent years, in mid -February this year, the US Post submitted a new plan for handling false face orders and parcels to the federal government, and for the following month, it sought opinions from the public. The modification plan mentioned that the post office will be allowed to discard the discovered noodles.

Prior to this, even if the US postal risk control department discovered the false facelifts used in batches, there was no right to focus on destroying or opening up the packaging to check these goods, and they could only be returned. However, if the new plan is approved, the employees of the United States Post will be collectively authorized to check all the suspicious packages, and to be destroyed by the parcels confirmed to be a false face order, and there is no need to notify or obtain the permission of the issuer.

At that time, Li Lin, a senior logistics person, analyzed that "If the U.S. government agrees with the amendment plan, the US Post obtains law enforcement power and can be directly fined and destroyed after discovering the false face order. The strike will also indirectly affect the seller. For example, the price of the Sino -US dedicated line on the market will rise, to a certain extent will affect the profit of the seller. "

Now, the United States Post has obtained the permissions of intercepting and processing false face sheet single -wrapped, and its strike on false noodles is greater than expected. This will affect all the delivery methods of using USPS accounts in cross -border logistics, including domestic straight hair spontaneous goods and overseas warehouses. Independent stations and third -party platforms may be affected.

Li Lin told Xiaobian that at present, the US Post has strictly checked the running water account to delete the information of all the single numbers under the associated running water account, which will lead to limited or losses of the account number in the road, unsuitable or proper investment.

The logistics company has felt the impact. A logistics company has informed the customer- "Due to the US postal switching system, a large area of chaos occurs. One of the phenomena is that many of the parcel trails that have been signed have false postage such as fake postage." It took measures and suggested that the seller:

1. Withdrawing the platform amount as soon as possible to avoid the platform's account sealing;

2. Other platforms such as Amazon only recognize customers in the AG number of China Post, and replace the AG single number as soon as possible to avoid continuing the follow -up problems.

3. For other platforms such as the independent station, the USPS single number can be replaced directly, which can be replaced directly, which stores the trajectory information of the whole process.

Industry logistics vendors are anxious to respond, and cross -border sellers also need to pay attention to logistics links to avoid going directly into the US Post's large review. In addition, as the Amazon warehouse began to implement new policies in May, multiple warehouses burst out of positions, and the agreed appointment was difficult to make an appointment, and the seller was anxious.

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