Attention seller! Amazon Europe has major reforms!

If it is sorted according to importance, the United States and European stations in Amazon Station are equally important. I believe that the proportion of many companies in European stations accounted for even more than the United States. In this case, why are there more sellers who insist on going to the larger market development business in the United States?

The answer to this question is that the US site is easier to open an account, and the market sales are simple and rude. If the European sites want to open, you need to invest more. You need to report taxes and do various product certification. The threshold is higher. freight forwarder

Since the threshold is higher, the competition is not so fierce, so many sellers are more willing to choose to start business from European stations. It's just that there are more tedious things in European stations, and there are more problems to deal with. Last week, the European Union also issued a tariff reform proposal. One of the key actions was to reform the field of e -commerce, including the cancellation of tariffs for tariffs to levy more than 150 euros. Originally, after the full receivable of VAT, the profit of European sites has been greatly reduced, and some sellers have shifted their focus to the US station.

Last week (May 17), the European Commission proposed the most comprehensive reform proposal since its establishment in 1968. The purpose of the reform must be for the benefit. Whether it is political or economic, it must be considered in all aspects. Today, the European Union's trade volume has increased significantly, especially the rapid development of e -commerce, which has further driven the multiplier growth of the trade volume. At present, the customs management of the European Union can no longer meet the current trade needs.

According to the EU's idea, the European Union will set up a new Customs Administration to supervise the EU Customs Data Center, which is the core of the new system. Over time, the data center will replace the existing customs IT infrastructure of EU member states, saving them up to 2 billion euros of operating costs each year. FBA shipping

EU Customs Reform contains three main aspects, of which the most related to cross -border sellers is e -commerce reform. The new regulations will make the online platform an important role to ensure that the goods sold to the EU meet all customs obligations; the current customs system will be responsible for personal consumers and carrier. In addition, the platform will be responsible for ensuring tariffs and value -added taxes at the time of purchase, thereby avoiding consumers from being affected by hidden costs. This will help consumers get more secure and comply with EU standards.

Another important change is the cancellation of the threshold for levy tariffs worth less than 150 euros. The European Union said this measure was abused by fraud, as they usually underestimate the value of the goods to avoid tariffs. Therefore, such parcels will no longer enjoy tax -free treatment.

The reform also simplifies the calculation of tariffs for low -value goods from the EU, reducing thousands of possible tariff categories to only four. This will help the platform and customs authorities better manage 1 billion pieces of electricity to EU each year to enter the EU each year Business purchases and eliminate the possibility of fraud. The new e -commerce system is expected to bring an additional customs revenue of 1 billion euros each year.

Now that the European Union has carried out reforms, is it worth continuing to operate in Amazon Europe?

There is no standard answer.

If you want to run a European station, you need to think about whether you meet these conditions:

1. Is there a suitable supply chain system?

Because most of the categories of European stations are not large, it is more suitable for more SKU operations.

2. Are there any operators who are proficient in the language of each site?

After all, the operation of the small -language sites will be more professional and the pits will be more professional, and there will be less on the pit.

3. Do you need to understand what authentication you need, can these certification issues be solved?

Because the product is likely to be removed from the shelves because of certification issues, the loss may not be small.

4. Is there a suitable logistics channel?

It is necessary to cooperate with multiple channels to maximize efficiency and benefits.

5. Is there a suitable tax on behalf of it?

This aspect is very important. Reliable taxes can save you much more.

In addition, there are some other factors that need to be considered, such as: selection, brand, etc. If you want to run European stations, you must do a good job of understanding in all aspects. After all Not small expenses.

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