New changes in US 301 tariffs! The exemption period of 77 products continues to be extended

The US Trade Representative Office has set the 301 tariff exclusion clauses for medical care related to the new crown epidemic, and the date of date is May 15, 2023. US shipping

On the occasion of expiration, the US trade representatives considered the public opinion on February 7, 2023, as well as the advice of the consulting committee, the 301 provisions of the COVID response team between the board of institutions, and the White House COVID response team to provide additional exemption and exemptions. The 16 -day transition period is valid until May 31, 2023 (on the day). logistics

The so -called "301 survey" originated from Article 301 of the 1974 Trade Law. This clause authorizes the U.S. Trade Representative Office (USTR) to investigate the "unreasonable or unfair trade practices" of other countries, and can recommend US presidents to implement unilateral sanctions after the investigation. This survey was initiated, investigated, ruling, and implemented by the United States itself. 

After May 31, 2023, 4 of the original 81 were excluded from the additional levy products, and 301 taxes will be resumed, and 77 items continue to exempt them to September 30, 2023. Make a identification.

4 recovery plus levy 301 tax



4818.90.0000 PRIOR to July 1,2020; 4818.90.0020 or 4818.90.0080 Effective Jury 1,2020

ProteCTIVE Articles (Described in Statistics Reporting Number 9004.90.0000 Prior to January 1,2021; Described in Statistics Number 9004.90.0010 or 9 004.90.0090 Effective January 1,2021)

In addition, of the original 81 exemption products, except for the above four products, 77 will continue to enjoy the exemption tariff policy until September 30. If the importer has been paying the 301 clause tariffs on any product within the scope of the 77 new crown tariff exemptions, then the importer can request a refund of the Target 301, as long as it is not carried out, or within 180 days after liquidation. shipping freight

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