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As an important part of a cross -border seller's compliance, the service provider will face the risk of being removed from the shelves and the store's sealed by the wrong mistake. When the industry dividend is no longer, some service providers have difficulty in revenue, and there are more examples of mines.

Recently, there are old -fashioned industry service providers. After paying the seller, they found that they could not be contacted. After asking a number of peers, they found that the service provider may run. This makes sellers even more embarrassed because of poor single volume, and a group of sellers who cooperate with the service providers may also be affected.

"Disappear" after receiving the payment of the service provider

Recently, a veteran seller spit on a social platform: "It disappeared after giving 20,000 yuan, who knows **** Business Co., Ltd." Many sellers leave a message, guess whether there is a service provider for mine to run for mines and running. road.

According to the seller, I have known the above service providers for many years, and I have been consulted many times before. I did not expect that the first time I cooperated, the other party did not respond after receiving the payment. Many sellers who are conducting business services with the service provider also said that they have not been in the service provider recently, and they are not sure if they are running.

Information consulting services and other businesses.

Many industry sellers have found the service provider to cooperate with the Amazon brand filing, declaration of VINE, account registration and other businesses. Now they cannot contact the service provider, causing sellers to speculate.

"This service provider has been doing it for a long time. At that time, he was still a seller. He had cooperated before and had been communicating smoothly. Listening to the knowledge, it seemed that it was sued by other sellers, and now it can't be contacted." An informed seller said.

Another seller said that if it is really rumored, the mine runs may have been sued by other sellers, which cannot be connected, and the impact will be quite great. Because the service providers involved in the industry have accumulated a lot of seller customers in the industry, many sellers in the industry have cooperated with them, and there may be a lot of losses.

In recent years, Amazon has been stepping up the process of regulatory regulations, and the requirements for service synthesis provided by cross -border e -commerce service providers have also become stricter. In the past two years, there are not many examples of mines for cross -border e -commerce industry service providers. For example, a thunderstorm in Shenzhen's intellectual property service provider involved tens of thousands of trademarks! The service dealer has a large volume and has always been famous for its ultra -low price. Many major sales in the industry are recruited, and the thunderstorm incident quickly spread in the cross -border circle. FBA freight forwarder

To this day, a large number of sellers are still affected, no solutions have been obtained, and the trademarks that they pay for their registration are ineffective. Not only is the brand filing automatically revoked, but no trademark will be recorded behind the store.

It is worth noting that the recent cross -border e -commerce logistics circle is not calm. Many American express delivery companies such as UPS and Fedex have strictly checked the "running water account".

It is reported that the cross -border circle has recently circulated a warning called UPS risk prompts. The freight forwarding peers warned that UPS is being rectified recently. , "Technical Account" and "Kamen List".

It is understood that "flow account" refers to some bad goods. Use courier companies such as UPS in the United States to send and then charges, and domestic sellers pay for vulnerabilities or time differences. The price of the goods and the east windows left. "Technical Account" refers to directly applying a third -party account or putting the bill under the name of other people to achieve the purpose of evading payment.

UPS is still investigating this phenomenon. Judging from the list of running water accounts flowing out of the cross -border circle, multiple accounts have been blacklisted, and sellers should always be vigilant and enhance their ability to distinguish their different freight generations.

Tens of thousands of British VAT suspected address theft

The situation of cross -border compliance in Europe is also increasing, making more and more gray -produced service providers surfaced. The continuous minesweeper also made cross -border e -commerce sellers aware that compliance costs are constantly rising.

Earlier, according to the British BBC, British residents in a Wales Cadiff received a letter of tax payment of tens of thousands of British Tax Customs Agency (HMRC). After investigation by HMRC, it was found that 11,000 Chinese companies used the resident's address to register VAT, and of which more than 10,000 companies had 2356 sellers owed taxes. Among them, e -commerce companies account for more than 70%.

The incident caused panic in the cross -border e -commerce industry, especially the European market sellers. Industry insiders speculate that after the British tax reform, because the platform has deducted and paid overseas companies VAT, some sellers or other organizations may use the British address to try to bypass the platform's withdrawal payment to achieve tax evasion and tax evasion the goal of.

In this way, HMRC may have tightened the review of overseas companies to register VAT, and if it is really a service provider's illegal operation, a large number of sellers must be implicated.

This case actually happened once last March, which also caused the industry to fluctuate. It is understood that in March last year, the British media reported the news about "over 11,000 shell companies registered in the UK". XC logistics

It is worth noting that among the 11,000 British shell companies exposed, many company addresses are related to the store account of cross -border sellers. In this way, these cross -border e -store shops were also frozen for banning, and many British station sellers were affected.

The one -or -three thunderstorms have also made sellers understand that the situation in the European cross -border compliance is becoming more and more severe. In the future, in the European market, whether it is products, taxes, or logistics, it will become a strict direction of the tax bureau, customs, and government.

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