Amazon launched a flexible buyer installment payment function

Amazon launched a flexible buyer installment payment function

Recently, Amazon launched a flexible buyer installment payment, which enabled buyers to purchase the average price of high -priced products by sharing costs in the past few months.

Flexible buyers are currently suitable for Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. As long as the seller's goods are not applicable to the category of products in the following table and the price of the product is satisfied with the following price range belts, they can register flexible buyers to pay in installments.

Deepen cooperation with Saudi Freight, Cainiao International Express continues to optimize logistics timeliness

Recently, the global logistics industry's largest exhibition is held in Germany. During the expo, Cainiao and Saudia Airline Cargo Company once again "hold hands" and signed a cooperation agreement at the scene. The two parties stated that they would enrich and deepen capacity cooperation, continue to optimize air freight services from China to Europe and the Middle East, and explore China together. New routes to Hong Kong to Africa and Latin America have further accelerated international express delivery.

French e -commerce CDISCOUNT and ESG jointly build a Chinese team

Hugo cross -border was informed that CDISCOUNT/Octopia and ESG cross -border e -commerce companies in France's largest e -commerce platform will jointly form a Chinese local service team to help increase the brand awareness and acceptance of CDISOUNT/Octopia in China.

The main task of the service team is to help Chinese sellers enter the European market. From the beginning of the settlement to the seller's comprehensive support, to provide sellers with high -quality account operation knowledge and growth and incubation support. , Strengthen the connection and interaction of the three to help sellers land quickly.

German railway workers will hold a 50 -hour strike

The German railway and transportation workers' unions announced on the 11th that it will start a 50 -hour railway strike from the later 14th, and may seriously affect train transportation next Monday and Tuesday. Over the past few months, several unions in the transportation and related departments have been negotiating with employers, leading to a series of strikes in public transportation and airports. According to the German railway and transportation workers 'unions, the upcoming strike will affect the German railway operator German railway company and other transportation companies, and have not achieved "meaningful" progress with these companies' labor and capital negotiations in recent weeks.

Russia's sales volume of gardens and rural supplies increased by 29% year-on-year in March-April this year

Studies have shown that in Russia, the sales volume of gardens and rural supplies from March to April this year increased by 29%over the same period last year. Studies have shown that the sales growth of gardens and rural supplies may be related to the rural season. Secondly, according to research, the sales of bathroom supplies increased by 18%, the total amount increased by 21%, and the price rose. In addition, the sales and sales of small electronic products and electrical products have also increased to a certain extent.

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