The American logistics market has strictly investigated illegal acts, and some illegal personnel have been investigated


According to UPS risk prompts, recently UPS will be rectified, and problems such as stealing stolen regions and running water accounts will have a series of serious consequences as soon as they are confirmed. Cabinet delivery service, the noodle single parts of the running water account may not scan the Internet or send it, or it may be destroyed, and may be prosecuted. Being a blacklist, the prompt also told its customers to pay attention to UPS's risk.

The so -called running water account, that is, express companies first open an account with a separate trade, promise a certain amount of goods, and get better discounts. The courier company only collects cash in the market on a monthly or quota. Before the expiry date, the cancellation of the goods to remove the trade, and do not settle the money with the courier company. Use the rules of the USPS face number to directly print the order of delivery (false face order). cost. The operation of this kind of empty glove white wolf can create a large amount of considerable profits out of thin air. Therefore, some companies will risk risks to pick up goods in the market at a cost price or lower price. Profit will be more considerable.

Because of the difficulty of previous accountability, some logistics vendors began to become more crazy. Recently, there have been more companies using running water accounts, and running water accounts have flooded.

Recently, the U.S. Post has modified the DMM (American Postal Operation Manual) clause, and submitted a new plan for the processing of false face orders and parcels to the federal government, and many American courier delivery companies including UPS and FEDEX are also strict. Check related issues, a large number of running water accounts have been exposed!

It is reported that some freight forwarding companies have issued early warnings on the investigated violation accounts. These accounts will not only face the risk of fines, names, and deductions. Blacklist, it may be permanently banned by UPS!

According to the feedback of many people in the industry, as UPS strictly investigated various types of illegal and illegal acts including running water accounts this time, a large number of suspected illegal goods were seized in the United States. Investigation, even for several weeks by the police.

Under the end of the chaos at the end, the industry rectifies is imminent.

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