How to rank higher on Amazon in 2023?


Each Amazon seller hopes that his products are in front of the search.

However, in Amazon, there are no shortcuts. Therefore, you need to conduct a large number of tests before you understand what a product that suits you.

It is now 2023, and Amazon changed the way to display the search results. Amazon's A9 algorithm mainly depends on customer behavior, which is reflected from these two parameters:

· Intent implant

· Buy Purchases

Therefore, when optimizing customers, these three factors need to be kept in mind: intent, purchase and sales history records.

Sales history record Sales History is another factor that directly affects the search results. Therefore, acquiring traffic and orders will help sellers get higher rankings.

What can I do to rank higher on Amazon?

1. Optimize product listing

Listing optimization is a continuous process that can help increase ranking and conversion rate. Sellers need to optimize the product Listing for Amazon SEO and customer. When optimizing Listing to obtain the maximum conversion rate, the following matters need to be considered.

· High -quality images usually have a high conversion rate. In addition, information charts that describe product purposes or functions need to be added. logistics

· Be sure to follow the Amazon Guidelines when adding pictures and videos.

· Use related keywords and its advantages and variants in the name of the product.

· List the project points in the order of priority.

· Effective use of the back -end keywords. Remember not to repeat those keywords that have been used in Listing.

2. Use the EBC tool

Amazon EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) is also known as A+ Content, which is an effective way to get new potential customers. A+ product description can provide excellent customer experience, brand promotion and establish a good reputation. Therefore, products with A +content often have higher conversion rates, better comments, and low return rates.

Listing optimization: Remember "Three Don't"

× Don't use keywords repeatedly

Unlike Google search engine optimization, Amazon does not need to repeat keywords. Do not provide customers with extra duplicate information.

× Don't use punctuation symbols

Use a single space when providing keywords. Do not use a comma, a dubbing number and a seminars.

× Do not use spelling errors or synonyms

Amazon will take the initiative to capture related keywords, so the seller does not need to add synonyms or related keywords.

3. Guide traffic to the landing page

Attract the traffic to the landing page instead of the product listing page.

Most of the time, consumers may have no intention to buy, especially if the seller is attracting external traffic from Facebook advertisements, Google Advertising and Instagram. Therefore, we must try to bring them to the login page on Amazon.

By guiding them to the login page, sellers can collect basic information such as clicks and sources, and use these data to further optimize the listing.

4. Get positive evaluation

People generally trust online comments and serve as personal reference. There is a strong correlation between the positive comments of the product and the Amazon search results. The higher -ranking products in more widely search words usually have more positive evaluations than products in the list.

On the other hand, good user feedback will bring long -term benefits to sellers. This is an important indicator to evaluate the performance of sellers on Amazon.

5. Keep testing

Regularly update Listing, price and EBC. Optimize them for SEO and target audience. Execute the A/B test and track the index. See what kind of content transforms well.

6. Maintain price competitiveness

Property is one of the most important factor that determines the success of sellers to succeed in Amazon, which is an important indicator of BUY BOX. Compared with peers, sellers need to provide competitive prices. Therefore, please pay close attention to the changes in the pricing of competitors and reorganize the product in a timely manner.

7. Tracking results

After completing the optimization process, the tracking results should be continued.

· In terms of sales, see if there is a growth.

· Pay close attention to the product ranking to see if it is improving.

· Look at the product comment. Sellers can look forward to the increase in positive comment.

How to achieve automation?

You can use a keyword tracker to track keywords and competitors' keywords. With this, you can find new keywords to improve rankings and eliminate poor keywords.

8. Choose Amazon FBA

Fast delivery has become the norm of the e -commerce industry. Therefore, it is important to have a reliable logistics system. This is of great significance to Amazon sellers, because customers want to deliver products within one or two days.

Because Amazon FBA can easily manage customers' orders, sellers can focus on other areas of business. In addition, using Amazon Logistics can also easily get positive feedback from customers. On the other hand, this also helps improve its ranking on Amazon. FBA shipping rates

In addition, please ensure that the team has the ability to deal with buyers' return and refund process.

In general, Amazon FBA is a reliable way to get positive customer feedback and improve ranking.

9. Make sure there is enough inventory

Management inventory is crucial for stable sales, retaining customers, and Amazon ranking. The seller needs to maintain sufficient inventory according to product demand, and no one wants customers to buy from competitors.

10. List the product in the correct classification

It is difficult to find a suitable classification to publish products. Therefore, research needs to be carried out when adding products, otherwise the ranking may decline.

11. Use Amazon PPC to rank higher in natural search results

If you are a new seller or trying to rank among keywords in competitors with competitors, then using Amazon PPC to increase ranking is one of the best strategies. You can locate keywords in PPC ads to establish natural traffic for the same set of keywords.

12. Click and jump out rate

Amazon will track the time for users to stay on Listing, jumping rate, and other products that customers view the product page after seeing the product page.

For example, if anyone just browsing your listing and jumping out of the page, Amazon will think that customers feel that the product is not related, which may affect the seller's ranking.


All in all, to be ranked among Amazon, sellers need to update Listing in time and maintain correlation with customers. In addition to the above, sellers can also track performance indicators on the Amazon seller platform.

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