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The goal of Amazon's product photography is very clear, that is, to let customers understand "why buy your product".

Therefore, in photography, we must pay more attention to the functions and advantages of the product. As long as you master this, you can create an excellent product map for customers to pay.

Three common drawing misunderstandings of product photography

1. The basic format of the picture is wrong

a. Color mode errors: There are many types of color patterns, but Amazon only accepts RGB, which needs to be paid attention to.

b. There are problems with picture information: blurred images, bump corners, text and logo, and dummy DEMO will be rejected by the system.

2. There is a problem with the main map of the product

The main picture is the first photo of the whole set of photos. If the main map is a color background, or some life photos will be beaten back by the system. In addition, photos should not be less than 72DPI, and 300DPI is the most secure. In addition, the boundary line, watermark, additional decoration, etc. cannot appear.

The right posture? The key is the white background, and the ZOOM requires 1600DPI. The product accounts for 85%of the picture.

3. There is a problem with the sub -map of the product

The secondary picture is the first picture other than photos. Any naked or erotic picture is not available, and even some young children's swimsuit photos, or underwear photos, are not allowed.

The auxiliary diagram usually shows the different perspectives of the product, such as putting the product in different scenarios. For example, if your product is suitable for use on the beach, you need some beach backgrounds to give the audience a sense of substitution.

The product map should be divided into three parts

When making pictures optimization, it is recommended that the seller's products provide at least four pictures. The first one is undoubtedly the main picture of pure white background, and the other is a three or more sub -map.

The sub -chart is mainly divided into three parts

1. Use a schematic diagram

Use the schematic diagram, which is a simple picture description. For example, the seller sells the charging treasure to introduce the advantages of the product. If the charging is fast, it is necessary to use the Point Form to explain the content to the content to be answered one by one.

2. Product quality description

This can tell the structure of the potential buyer's products. You can also use Point Form, or even Highlight highlights to focus on the main selling points.

3. Product characteristics and details

Continue to take the power bank as an example. For example, the introduction of product information such as "how long to use this charging treasure with different brands of models can be used", which helps enhance the potential consumer's consumption desire.

Find a photographer to shoot

How to communicate with photographers?

Many people find it difficult to communicate with the photographer, and worry that the unreasonable request they mentioned will make the photographer make a misunderstanding of the layman guidance. In fact, it is not necessary. Just remember the following three points:

Explain your goals

In fact, every promotional activity and every picture will have a clear goal. Taking the main picture as an example, it is recommended to explain the pictures of "front, side, and back".

If it is a secondary picture, it is necessary to explain to the photographer as a use instructions, or the quality description of the product, which is convenient for photographers to grasp the key points.

Tell the photographer you like the design

This is mainly used in the part of the sideline. You must first consider the graphic design concept you want, and then draw a general design layout and elements.

Show them pictures to get inspiration

You can search for appropriate pictures with pinterest and show it to the photographer.

Take your own photography

If you do n’t find a photographer, how do you use DIY to shoot the product?

If you use your mobile phone, it is recommended to buy a mobile phone tripod. If you are at home, it is recommended to take a small white studio with a white background, which is all white inside. shipping agent

If it is a studio without its own lamp, you need to buy two bulbs, mainly on the left and right sides of the product.

One suggestion is that if two lights are used, one should be brighter and the other is darker, so as to highlight the sense of hierarchy.

How to shoot the sense of atmosphere?

The sense of atmosphere is a sense of substitution in a sense. For example, what scenarios are used in what scenario use, or the memories and imagination of the daily experience of potential consumers.

Indoor part

One of them can be a local details of the product, especially the products of fine products, such as leather goods and clothing, can reflect the value and texture of the entire product.

In addition, special backgrounds are used. As far as the European and American markets are concerned, the popular backgrounds are marble lines, cracks, elegant wood grain, cement patterns, simple floor tile patterns, and grass leather patterns, which can be used as the background to set off different products.

Outdoor part

Use the product sites outdoors. For example, a rattan backpack, you will want the buyer to think that this is a backpack that will be used on the beach. These scenarios alone can already evoke the buyer's "I will go to the beach, it is better to buy this backpack" to enhance the desire of consumption.

Later software introduction

In the image, some people think that Amazon products are too low -end for PS, so you can try to use Pixelcut. This software can provide a variety of background options. For videos, you can use Splice or Filmorago, which provide a variety of materials and different rhythms to make editing more convenient. FBA freight

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