Amazon's popular warehouse explosion warehouse+new rules will take effect


Recently, in order to improve its supervision of third -party logistics companies and operators, Amazon issued an announcement saying that it will implement new rules on its logistics service management platform CarrierCentral. The main content of the new rules released this time is as follows:

· The reservation of the warehouse must be canceled outside 72 hours, and the PO must be modified in 24 hours, otherwise it will be calculated;

· APOINTMENTDEFECTRATERATE must be less than 5%, not higher than 10%;

· Pomanifestaccuracy recommends that more than 95%should not be less than 85%.

Prior to the implementation of this policy, CarrierCentral's original logistics policy was that sellers could make an appointment to change or cancel the time before the goods reached; PO accuracy requires more than 70%, and the fault tolerance rate is 30%. shipping rate

After the new regulations and the old rules, it can be seen that Amazon's warehouse standards for sellers are becoming stricter. Moreover, the attendance rate and PO accuracy directly related to the appointment account. After the new regulations are implemented from May 1st, if the Amazon seller does not meet the regulations, it will face the risk of 30 days.

However, as the new regulations are about to be implemented, many sellers have received notice from the freight forwarding position. There is a stock generation that due to the recent new regulations for Amazon's goods, it will be adjusted significantly, especially LAX9 has reserved at the end of May due to the bursting position and the new Amazon regulations. At present The influence is basically uninterrupted at the end of April and early May, which will lead to the time limit for the warehouses of these warehouses will be delayed to varying degrees.

There are also sellers found that several warehouses such as ONT8, LGB8, LAX9, and SBD1 were basically real -time appointments before. Now they have changed to manual appointments and have time period restrictions. It will also affect the timeliness of the warehouse. Through sellers feedback, I learned that the current major popular warehouses in Amazon are as follows:


· The most intense response of the seller is the LAX9 warehouse, which has been seriously burst. At present, the floor appointment needs to be after May 20, and the seller who wants to send this warehouse needs to delay the expectations of the delivery.

· SBD1 is seriously explosive, and the emergence of the appointment has been deleted. The current pre -goods are all Pending.

· GYR2, GYR3, LAS1, SCK4, SMF3, SMF6, SMF7, SMF7, OAK3 and other warehouses have just burst out of positions. The situation is better than the two warehouses above, but the appointment is not ideal.

· Mei West's current reservation and warehouse receiving is the two warehouses: ONT8 and LGB8. The reservations for these two warehouses are relatively good. At present, there is no feedback to have a position.

Beauty and China:

· The warehouse with a serious queue in the United States is FTW1, IND9, and MDW2. This week, you should reply to the appointment.


· Only CLT2 has a burst. According to the latest news, the operator of the CLT2 warehouse is insufficient. At present, it is necessary to wait for the warehouse to wait for more than 10 hours, and the Drop OFF is required.

In the above circumstances, many sellers have found that the goods of several popular warehouses are already registered, but they are not receiving or receiving it. For sellers with a delivery plan, we must also pay attention to the status of these warehouses above. When making inventory and stocking plans, we must reserve the possible delay time.

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