The global shipping class rate is released! The first place is expected

Recently, SEA-Intelligence released the 139th issue of the global flight performance (GLP) report, which includes the shipping period reliability data as of February 2023 (inclusive).

In February 2023, the global shipping period reliability increased significantly by 7.7 percentage points from the previous month to 60.2%. At a year -on -year level, 26.0 percentage points of the rising reliability of the ship. The average delay time of late ships also decreased. In February 2023, it fell by 0.07 days from the previous month, a year -on -year decrease of 2.3 days.

Matsky became the most reliable carrier in February 2023, with a quasi -class rate of 64.9%, followed by MSC with a quasi -class rate of 64.4%. Burger South America is the only airline with more than 60%reliability. The ship's shipping period reliability of the remaining carrier is 50%-60%. Zim is the most unreliable carrier in February 2023, with a shipping period of only 52.0%.

In February 2023, the shipping period of all 14 shipping companies increased, of which WAN HAI's shipping period reliability increased the largest, 36.2 percentage points.

Relatively speaking, the average delay time from ships to Hong Kong is closer to the level of 2019, not a high point from 2021-2022.

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