Amazon idle shops need to clean up

As Amazon announced the cancellation of brand authorization, many sellers' stores were affected to varying degrees.

Listing can still be accessed normally, and the products can be sold normally, but new products cannot be available. At the same time, they may lose A+and brand flagship store display page.

At present, many domestic sellers have multiple stores operations, and there are many unprecedented idle shops. Amazon will target such seller shops for review; stations that can not be operated after applying for multiple sites can be cleaned.

Amazon's subsequent inspection actions, the key targets have not continued to operate after opening for a long time.

For sellers, it should be noted that if multiple sites were registered before, one of the unsatisfactory sites was blocked by Amazon and did not pass the review. It is likely to affect the current normal operations, connecting sitting, causing unnecessary losses.

Amazon sellers are commonly blocked because of sites associated with the site. Common situations, such as:

Amazon's American site across sites associated with European stations, which have been blocked and the second instance was rejected; the second instance information of the unsatisfactory site was required to provide unable to provide it.

Although the same set of data registered multiple sites does not violate the regulations, the hidden hidden dangers buried are very high.

Therefore, if Amazon concentrated on a site that has no operation, the seller must prepare in advance to prevent other stores from damage to other stores due to the association of the site. DDP freight

This time Amazon's review requires submitting 4 information: corporate information, ID cards, bank bills, business licenses, and can be prepared accordingly.

Baolianyun suggested that the operating status of the store or site manually, adjusting it into a "holiday mode" can effectively avoid the audit.

In addition to reviewing idle shops, sellers must also strengthen their risk control of their main account stores.

In terms of network security, the isolation of IP between shops is particularly important. It is best to use an independent device environment and network environment, equipped with a pure IP login to each independent account number to ensure that the network IP connected by itself did not log in to Amazon's record.

The demand for stability is the best choice for multi -account operation sellers to maintain shop safety.

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