It was reported to be reported but failed! Have you tried this trick?

Before the report, you need to know the following points:

1. "Following" does not necessarily "infringement", and does not infringement, it is impossible to successfully report through reporting a violalation tools (REport A Violation). As long as the products you sell are the genuine products of your brand, no matter which channel this product comes from, it does not violate your intellectual property rights. Only when you can prove that the product should be sold as a fake goods, you can report it; if you follow the selling; The product is genuine, and the tool cannot be reported successfully.

2. Is the trademark valid in the reported areas? First of all, the trademark must be r to meet the report requirements. In addition, the protection of trademark protection is regional. A country or region shall be valid in the country or the region in accordance with the trademark law of its country or the trademark treaty in the region. Essence Seller departs a new site, and it is recommended to apply for local trademark applications as soon as possible to make up for trademark loopholes in order to reduce the risk of infringement and protect their own rights. sea freight

3. Pay attention when submitting a link to the certificate:

A Time of Limitation of Links:

◆ Is there a validity period for the picture link uploaded to the Internet? Do you need to log in to the password? It is necessary to ensure that the relevant teams Amazon can still access these evidence when reviewing.

◆ The link to proof needs to be created before the infringement was reported.

In the report of B, it cannot only provide provision links, but lacks argument. It also needs to be described in detail. Which location in the product page is suspected of infringing its own copyright.

C trademark number cannot replace copyright registration number. Due to the natural obtaining attributes of copyright, the seller does not necessarily need to register the copyright, and it is not necessary to submit the trademark number as the copyright registration number. freight forqwarder

10 "Golden Laws" about reporting:

1. Before reporting, you need to distinguish or sell whether it involves fake sale.

2. Report the following types of infringement, and must be valid Test buy information:

Trademark Product Packaging -Offer Level

Copyright Product Packaging-Offer Level

Design Right/Patent -Offer Level

3. Do not use the trademarks of other regions/countries, to be processed Infleter trademarks such as trademarks report trademark infringement.

4. Reporting copyright infringement, it is necessary to provide real, effective, and

Acacia can be available.

5. When reporting copyright infringement, specific description information must be given, such as the specific location of the infringement content and the basis for judging the infringement.

6. Do not continue to submit or repeatedly submit inaccurate or false reports.

7. Non -intellectual property violations, please do not report violations of the rules, but report it through the seller platform.

8. Do not use the accounts that have serious account health issues to initiate reports. If the account status rating does not reach a "health" state, or involves a number of unsolved intellectual property complaints.

9. If the reporters themselves also have an OFFER under the Asin reported, it is an unreasonable scope of reporting.

10. Do not report non -infringement containing compatible descriptions.

How to prevent malicious selling from the source and protect the brand?

It is impossible for sellers to stare at their brand at all times. At the same time, the handling of reports is really troublesome, affecting operating efficiency. Is there a way to fundamentally prevent maliciously selling and solving the worries of the seller?

Amazon Transparency can be said to be the gospel of the brand seller's "thousands of calls". It is a favorable guarantee for the seller to fundamentally protect its own brand rights, prevent infringement, and improve operating efficiency!

1. What is the Amazon Transparent Program

The Amazon Transparency is aimed at combating counterfeit products to achieve the purpose of protecting the interests of brands and buyers. The biggest feature is to fundamentally eliminate malicious and sell.

The products participating in the "Transparent Plan" will be pasted with the Transparence code, which is the only code.

After the brand seller joins the transparent plan, it meets certain conditions. On the Amazon page, buyers have the opportunity to see the "Little Blue" to trust the brand. Buyers can know the authenticity of the product and the relevant information of the product.

2. The dual protection mechanism of transparent planning

First layer of protection: Listing protection

If ASIN starts protection. Searching asin in the background of the seller, the pages created and selling will be changed from "selling you" to "request approval". The seller who wants to sell the ASIN will be asked to provide 5 effective transparency codes.

Second layer protection: verification of storage/delivery

• For sellers who are shipped through FBA, the product will check whether the product's outer packaging will be applied correctly when the product is entered and out of the position.

• For sellers who are shipped at the same time, they need to return to the TranSparese Code with equal number of delivery products at the same time as the number of shipments. The seller must provide the correct Transparence code to sell. shipping

Note: After Asin starts protection, as a brand, please make sure that all stores omnisisage the entire site on the entire site. The leakage, error label or fake label will be labeled by the warehouse. Only the brand has the right to apply for code, and each code is unique.

3. The compliance collection function of the transparent plan

Join the transparent plan to unlock the official "small card" function! There are already sellers who are qualified to put "small cards" in the package!

After the consumer receives the goods, there will be a warm small card in the package. The code scan the code through AmazonApp, which can immediately test the authenticity of the product. This Transparence barcode is the protection of genuine brands!

The products that are protected by Transparence (transparent plan) can be placed in a small card in compliance to strengthen the communication and interaction of the brand and consumers.

▷ Small card front: After the official review, you can place information such as brand names, brand contact, company address, mailbox, brand website link, social media account and other information. You can also use the standard template of Transparench to easily customize.

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