Enter the warehouse faster! New requirements for the launch of the FBA transportation window in the United States station

Recently, Amazon US Station issued an announcement saying that from April 24th to May 2nd, 2023, Amazon will launch a new "Send to Amazon" request to enter the warehouse for the seller's product faster. The following is the announcement:

Starting from April 24, 2023, if the seller uses non -cooperative carrier to transport small parcels or zero cargo, it must provide the delivery window period on "Send to Amazon". If you use Amazon cooperation carrier or Amazon global logistics, you don't need to take any action, because the carrier will provide Amazon to provide goods to the information.

Due to the different pre -periods of transportation, we will ask you to designate a 7 -day delivery window period for domestic cargo, or specify a 14 -day delivery window period for the long -term cross -border cargo, such as from August 1st to 14th to 14th. day. If your transportation plan changes, you can update the information before starting the detailed information steps to the delivery window on Amazon.

The following is the original screenshot of the announcement:

FBA, English translation is "Fulfilled By Amazon", which means an order that Amazon distributed. This is a model that most sellers are now using.

Not long ago, a domestic community, some sellers reported that the goods sent to ONT8 for more than 10 days! And more than one seller reports the problem of slow entering the warehouse.

For domestic Amazon merchants, it is normal for more than ten days to enter the warehouse, and this phenomenon has long been commonplace.

Of course, not only domestic sellers complained that the FBA was slow, but even American sellers also said that the efficiency of the FBA's warehouse could not bear it.

At a well -known American seller forum, some sellers complained that the FBA was too slow to enter the warehouse, and LAS1 was not updated in 10 days. He hopes that Amazon will fulfill its commitment to improve its FBA service when it is announced to increase the cost of FBA.

The cost of the FBA has risen every year, and some sellers say that the cost of the FBA has even exceeded its total sales! However, compared with the annual costs, the FBA service seems to have far from reaching the height of expectations. Here we also hope that Amazon will further improve the FBA service while increasing the cost of the FBA. It is hoped that the new action of Amazon is an effective commitment.

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