Amazon plunge in single volume! Seller: Restarted Day Do not carry a pot

Recently, many Amazon sellers have fallen in the feedback order, and they have spoken "foreigners have been to Easter." A senior seller said to Hugo cross -border that the single volume of the past 7 days has fallen by nearly 50%, but for using Easter as an excuse, he does not agree. "This excuse has been used for a long time and can no longer let it let it let it make it anymore Back the pot, it should be reflected on your own problem. "

Not only a single quantity problem, from the recent sales of some large -selling financial reports and the cross -border survey of Hugo, compared with the same period last year, the profit of Amazon sellers also declined significantly in the first quarter, and some sellers' profits were almost cut.

In addition to the influence of weak overseas demand, from its own perspective, the product does not have a clear elimination mechanism, resulting in a large number of slow -selling inventory. How to establish an effective product elimination mechanism and supplier mechanism has become a concern for many sellers. Amazon freight forwarder


Half of Amazon sellers' profits decline

Recently, a survey of Amazon sellers showed that 51%of the sellers said that compared with the same period of 2022, the profit in Amazon fell in the first quarter, and the profit of 31%of the seller increased in the first quarter, and the profit of 18%of the first quarter was the same as that in 2022. That is to say, the profit of over half of the Amazon sellers fell in the first quarter.

Regarding the reasons for the decline in profits, in addition to rising logistics costs, expanding human expenditure, rising advertising costs, sealing of stores, and excessive returns, products aging and not eliminated in time are also a large influential factor.

For cross -border sellers, although the overseas e -commerce market is still prospective, but if you want to stand in this complex and changeable market, it iterative upgrades of products are essential. In fact, most of the cross -border e -commerce sellers have a product elimination system. The purpose is to reduce the inventory pressure of the warehouse, facilitate stocking, and increase the delivery rate. However, Amazon sellers are not consistent with the criteria of product elimination.

Some believe that the gross profit margin for three consecutive months is less than 5%, and the average daily sales volume is less than 5, which is in line with the observation of the elimination. Others believe that the profit is generally eliminated by 10%after 3 months of operation.

"Evaluate whether the entire product cycle is profitable. If there is no possibility, it will be killed."

"According to funds, turnover rates, team's energy efficiency (how many products can operate), operating models, and competition to draw a red line for the product."

"Products with low profit, low profit margins, poor sales, high return rates, and high advertising dependence can be eliminated."


According to the feedback, the considers of cross -border sellers for the elimination of the product are mainly: the gross profit of the product, the sales volume of the product, the return rate of the product, and the market capacity of the product.

Senior seller Lao Luo said that for a team that has no supply chain advantages, design and development capabilities without products, and no capital support, it is necessary to establish a product elimination mechanism internally. On the one hand The product. On the other hand, it can reduce the marginal costs brought by the risk of high inventory risks of slow -selling products.

Lao Luo said that in the cross -border e -commerce industry, cross -border e -commerce sellers are the most common based on sales of product sales. "Based on sales, a number of products that are selected behind are the targets of elimination. But there are two sellers who need to pay attention to. First, consider whether the latter -to -back products are purchased to ensure that the products are prepared. The second one, the latter -running products are not sold in the seasonal elements. If these two elements are slow -selling, they should be cautious about the reduction of the product. "

However, not all sellers have a product elimination mechanism. "Big sellers of pan -product routes generally have a large number of subsidiaries and suppliers, and they can touch the river with stones. However, many small and medium sellers first selected the whole network to search for explosive models. The product collection will be considered, and the product elimination system will not be established. Basically, it will be eliminated if it cannot be sold in the short term, and it will not be determined according to the indicator. "Lao Luo said.


Reduce the dependence on the supplier

The process of elimination of the product is also the process of optimizing the supply of suppliers. In the early days of cross -border e -commerce, the seller got a cup of quickly entering the game. Generally, the factory was sold for the factory. There is no fixed source channel or a cooperative factory. With the gradual deepening of cooperation between the two parties, especially after the market competition is becoming more and more intense, cross -border e -commerce sellers have also begun to establish a corresponding system in the management of suppliers.

Senior seller Xiaoyu said that in the choice of selection and suppliers, the contradiction between the two has been accumulated for a long time. The seller will continue to pressure the supplier due to prices, payment periods and other issues, trying to find new suppliers to replace; while suppliers will continue to introduce new customers to increase their profit margins due to the decrease in profits, the seller's explosive model will be Pushing to others will even choose to reduce the quality of the product to improve profits.

Therefore, in order to maintain and enhance the competitiveness of the corporate material supply chain, cross -border sellers will establish the corresponding supplier elimination system, choose suppliers with strong ability and good service quality to ensure that the quality of the purchased products meets the regulations, and the supply of supply and supply to the supply. Merchant's supply performance made scientific and reasonable evaluations.

In the past two years, the contradictions between suppliers and cross -border sellers have been frequent, and some delayed delivery, and some cheated in patents. In the peak season, the relationship between the two became particularly fragile. Establishing a corresponding system can ensure that the cooperation between the two has been maintained for a long time.

"For the selection of suppliers, there is a special team. The powerful cross -border seller team is clear. Evaluate price level, technical level, design ability, human resources, etc. "Xiaoyu said that for the good suppliers, not only can they cooperate for a long time, increase the order volume, and give it in advance in preferential payment of payment. Maintain the cooperation between the two parties. It can also reduce excessive dependence on individual suppliers and decentralized procurement risks.

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