Your product is not popular on Amazon! The core of the most core reasons

For Amazon's business development, all the first steps are to find the right target market and choose the right product. After the first step is to do it, there will be a series of operating actions behind. But after the first step is not right, the product will definitely sell? Many friends will have this misunderstanding. I feel that the market and products I choose are good, and the product will definitely sell explosion, but when the real situation is not explosive, it will become at a loss. So today we will discuss that when the market and products are selected right, it will still affect the most core reasons for product selling.

1. Dissatisfied product review

One of the main reasons for your product on Amazon is the unsatisfactory product review in the product page. In any field of e -commerce, the comment is an extremely important sector. About 70%of consumers read at least one or six comments before deciding whether to buy a product, so let consumers see the evaluation of your products very helpful. Sales.

But often you do not satisfy all consumers. However, receiving negative comments is not the end of the world. On the contrary, this is an opportunity to show high -quality services. If the customer leaves a negative product review, as a caring seller, your job is to show you existing and potential customers that you are willing to accept constructive criticism and are willing to provide solutions to correct the problem. Proper feedback response to different reviews can turn the negative experience into a positive experience. freight cost

But in any case, good product reviews have great benefits, such as increasing consumer trust, higher ranking on the search results page, and can increase the conversion rate. A proactive method to prevent negative reviews is to send customer satisfaction surveys regularly to evaluate customer feedback, and provide high -quality services in this process to reduce the possibility of negative reviews, and collect customer feedback to further optimize the product The lack of experience.

In order to encourage comments, you can add small cards to your package. Nowadays, you can use the Amazon "transparent plan" properly. Of course, the content in the small card is in line with Amazon -related code of conduct. If the operation is properly operated, small cards can not only increase the possibility of customer feedback, but also may directly communicate with customers 1 to 1 to cultivate customer loyalty. In addition, small cards can also increase brand reputation and increase brand awareness. The effect of great.

2. Improper product pricing

Your Amazon product is likely to cause poor sales due to improper pricing. Price is one of the most basic and most important factor in the development of Amazon's business. Therefore, in order to become the first choice of Amazon consumers, you should deploy dynamic pricing strategies.

Dynamic Amazon pricing strategy refers to the process of changing product prices according to specific conditions. To formulate a dynamic pricing strategy, you should make sure that the lowest (competitive) price for your product is set. Of course, this does not refer to the cheapest seller in the market. Secondly, use cyclical discounts or promotions to gradually carry out subsequent price increase. forwarder

Finally, the most critical step for creating an effective dynamic pricing strategy is to set the pricing alert. Setting pricing alerts allows you to monitor your competitors' pricing strategies so that you can make more wise business decisions based on their market changes. There are many third -party tools that can support this. You can create custom -defined reminders. You can regularly receive these reminders according to the rules related to any product changes on Amazon.

3. Details page of inferior products

Have you heard of the phrase "online sales are more about selling pictures"? Although some extreme, it is undeniable that online consumers are mainly understood by the pictures and text of the product details page. The bad picture, title, and description will cause consumers to lose interest in your products. This is one of the five main reasons why inferior product details pages are not sold by Amazon products.

Ten core elements constitute the Amazon product details page: title, points, A+, product variants, product pictures, prices, brand stores, rating, transportation information and comments. If any or combination of these elements does not meet the preferences of consumers, products will not be sold well. But don't be too anxious, because you can do a lot of things to optimize the Amazon product page. The following are some suggestions:

Title: Product title should be simple and accurate, 50-75 characters, and use related keywords.

Key points: The main points of the product should include five-seven points, use appropriate cases, and explain the main characteristics of the product.

A+: Products A+should include all visual information of the product characteristics and perform appropriate typesetting.

Product pictures: Product pictures must be high-quality (more than 1000 pixels), preferably white background, accounting for 80-100%of the image box, and the value or use of the product should be displayed.

In addition to eye -catching product title and main points, they also need to take into account keywords and SEO. Before determining the product title and the main points, keyword research can help you discover the relevant keywords of consumers to search for your product. The importance of keyword research is that its ability to reveal key information after verification can help develop your Amazon business by improving natural search visibility, ranking and natural traffic.

4. Unsatisfactory delivery time

The unsatisfactory delivery time is another reason why your Amazon products are not selling well. It is expected that the delivery time is too long or the product cannot be delivered on time and is the most concerned shopping experience for online consumers.

There are two direct ways to ensure fast delivery: join the Amazon seller's self -delivery SFP plan or Amazon logistics FBA program. Amazon SFP is a plan that allows Amazon merchants to use its own inventory management system to comply with the PRIME plan for 1-2 days of transportation.

Another way to meet customers' expectations for fast delivery time is to use Amazon's FBA program, which helps sellers to achieve success by providing Amazon Logistics Network for Amazon sellers. However, even if you use the FBA plan, you still need to remind Amazon's pre -sale function. If the pre -sale function is turned on, your goods may be sold when you reach the Amazon FBA warehouse, but there will be a long time there will be a long time The estimated delivery time is not a good logistics experience for consumers, so you need to use the pre -sale function carefully.

5. Product exposure less

There are many reasons for lack of product exposure, which is usually related to various factors. However, you can take multiple measures to increase the exposure and sales of products on Amazon. For example, you can use a multi -channel retail strategy to sell and promote your products in addition to Amazon, or use product bundling functions to recommend, or put on Amazon sponsor advertisements, or conduct various types such as Promotion, Coupon, Deal and other types of various types Promotion. Amazon FBA

Multi -channel retail or omni -channel marketing strategies are a good way to increase product exposure and attract customers, because it is a strategy for providing products for multiple traffic channels. The bundle function is particularly effective for increasing the exposure of affiliated products. In essence, Amazon's binding function is to recommend related products to consumers at the same time to maximize the value of each order.

The use of Amazon sponsor advertising campaign is also another strategy worthy of investment. Sponsor advertisements occupy the main position on Amazon, and appear on the search results and related product pages to increase product exposure and increase product sales. In addition, you can also use discount coupons and registration DEAL promotions to achieve the dual effects of enhancement and conversion. Especially with the above -mentioned various drainage methods mentioned above, the effect is better.

6. One secret to ensure product sales

In addition to implementing the suggestions listed above to remedy or prevent unsuccessful Amazon products, it is also strongly recommended to create a target consumer community. In addition to this consumer community, in addition to helping you maintain old customers to improve consumer stickiness, it will also provide you with a channel that collects the closest consumer's real needs. Voting will be the most likely to ensure that your products are successful after launching, because these new products not only meet the most authentic requirements of target consumers, but also quickly increase sales due to the promotion effect of basic consumers accumulated in the community. Essence

In general, the success of your new products launched on Amazon depends not only on the success of the early market research and selection work, but also depends on a series of operation management, product management, and customer after the sales of the product. Whether the management of management can be successful is an indispensable system of systematic work. When the system can integrate this system, the launch of explosive products will become a good thing.

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