How do cross -border sellers screen high -quality suppliers?

A reliable supplier is a strong support for independent stations to go to the sea. They can provide sellers with high -quality supply, but also supplement the seller to supplement the supply in time. In a sense, if the seller has no reliable supplier, it is difficult to do cross -border business. So so many domestic suppliers, how to choose independent stations?

Manufacturer source

From the factory to get the goods directly, the price advantage is the most obvious. Now the cost of independent stations has risen. To maintain profits, the seller needs to reduce the cost as much as possible in other respects, so as to get a equilibrium. Obviously, every time a middleman is passed, the price of the goods will rise, so the seller still needs to find the source of the manufacturer, so that the price will be the lowest.

In addition, the source of the factory is relatively sufficient, which can ensure the supply to the greatest extent. At the same time, if the seller has more urgent orders, they are more likely to help sellers solve the problem.

Can you visit the factory

To visit the factory on the spot, the seller can have a more practical understanding of the manufacturer. Therefore, before the seller makes the final choice, it is best to take a look at it. If the other party is even unwilling to let you visit and find various reasons to take off, then the factory is also likely to be unreliable.

From the factory itself, sellers can also see many problems, such as whether the production system is smooth, whether the quality inspection system is complete, and so on. If all aspects are good, it will be more guaranteed in terms of products and supply.


Product iterative speed

We all know that the speed of foreign trade styles is very fast. If the manufacturer cannot detect the market change in time, or the iterative speed of the product is too slow, it is basically difficult to catch up with the market when the seller gets the goods. If the seller can notice itself, there will be a problem with the goods, but if you do not notice it directly, you will face the risk of slow -selling products.


The simplest way to judge whether a factory is reliable is the popularity of the factory, the reputation of the factory, whether the factory has its own official website, and so on. If these aspects do well in the factory, the probability is reliable. shipping freight

After -sales service

Independent station sellers need to cooperate with suppliers for a long time, so how after -sales service is very important. For example, whether it is retired, whether it can solve the problem in time, how to serve, etc. If there are problems in these aspects, the subsequent cooperation process will be particularly bumpy.

When the independent station seller needs to consider many factors when choosing a supplier, of course, it is difficult for a supplier to take into account all. Therefore, the seller needs to make a ranking of factors based on their actual needs, and then make a choice after combining various factors.

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