Amazon suddenly disclosed product sales. Where is the small and medium sellers?

The day before yesterday, Amazon disclosed the sales of some category products at the front desk without warning. This sudden measure made many small and medium sellers caught off guard and caused a lot of concerns.

Although this phenomenon, Taobao has been commonplace on Taobao, it is not surprising, but for Amazon, this is the first time that the big girl is on the sedan. For the first time in more than ten years!

Not long ago, Temu, a cross -border e -commerce platform, displayed the daily sales of the product on the front desk. Some people in the industry speculate that Amazon may have been stimulated by TEMU to accelerate global expansion and eat the low -cost product market, hoping to win more consumers through considerable transparent data.

This time, Amazon's unprecedented initiative to display product sales on the PC and mobile front desk, which involves a variety of categories such as toys, clothing, home furnishings, maternal and infant products, wigs, etc. , 5K+"and so on.

It is understood that this function is still in the test stage that not all categories will display sales, but sellers generally believe that the next sales display will be extended to all categories. The period of sales is usually one month.

Many sellers claim that Amazon's transparent sales will directly exacerbate the internal rolls. The price war on the platform will be more intense, the order or further moves to the head, the industry monopoly is more serious, and the living space of small and medium sellers is further squeezed.

"I just went to see it. Last month, I sold 400+ and I crowded with a bunch of 2K+competing products.

Buyers have followed the people's psychology. This is beyond doubt. At the beginning, Uncle Ge's phrase "I believe in the masses" shouted how many people's voice. Whether it is Taobao or Amazon, buy a high sales volume. That's right.

So in online shopping, product sales data is definitely a very important indicator. As the seller said that it is selected among products and sales with only a few hundred products and sales of 2K+, and anyone will bias products with high sales. shipping cost

For new products that are just starting, how to live in a bunch of huge sales data has become an urgent problem that needs to be solved.

Next, I will introduce three types of play

1. Price reduction promotion

Sales show that the final decentness of small and medium sellers is torn off. Some people think that there will be a wave of price reductions in the next step. The seller is likely to use various price reduction promotional methods in order to sell the sales volume. The final outcome may be that the price war is getting stronger, and many sellers will eventually lose money. Therefore, the price reduction promotion is a means, but it is by no means a strategy.

2. The new product uses the VINE program

In the past two days, Amazon has released two good news. One is that the active registration of VINE in the United States has increased to 200 through 60, allowing sellers to register as many as 200 ASIN at the same time. Join VINE can increase sales by 30%. Subsequently, any product registered by the United States station announced by April 15, 2023 can enjoy a 50%discount of Amazon Vine's registration fee. forwarder

For new products, VINE's comment is very large, and it is also an important point of life and death. Taking advantage of the 50 % discount now, so what are you waiting for, hurry up!

3. Promotion outside station

However, not everyone can afford low -cost promotions, especially for small sellers operated by small. Not all products are suitable for VINE programs to promote. Moreover, VINE's comments also take time. According to statistics, it takes an average of 28 days to complete a round of VINE comments. EM, is this efficiency a bit low? Will it wait for them to finish the evaluation and then I succeeded in selling them?

Promote or become a "brush sales" popular battlefield outside the station. In order to quickly accumulate sales, in addition to promoting in the station, the seller also has a way to go through out -of -site promotion, which will be more obvious in the category and seasonal products with severe homogeneity. The basic sales of the new product will come from this to a certain extent. For the majority of small and medium sellers, instead of blindly following the price reduction, it is better to find another way. For example, choosing a more hidden outside station promotion, the sales volume is increased without knowing it. It is a clever move.

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