A little change? Can Amazon go to the new model?

In order to stimulate the seller's conversion rate, Amazon can be described as omnipotent! Although changing the policy has made sellers miserable, it is also developing new functions to stimulate consumers to buy it.

Amazon has always attached importance to consumer experience. Recently, in order to further win consumer trust, Amazon has been reforming in clothing categories, and is trying to add more "diversified" model display maps to clothing destination products.

According to Amazon's current statement, Amazon intends to add various model clothing images to some adult clothing product details page on March 31, 2023 to present products with "diversified" model display maps.

Amazon said that the Amazon platform is open to everyone, its product display map should be more tolerant, and the choice of models should be more diversified.

This new feature adds the image on the model to the details of the specific Asin in the clothing category. The seller does not need to pay the additional fee.

When the statement was announced, the seller launched a fierce discussion, and some seller partners expressed their support to support the decision. Because it can increase the conversion rate and reduce the occurrence of return. This is also the original intention of Amazon, hoping to make consumers better understand product details and enhance the shopping experience.

However, some sellers are also confused about this statement, because they feel that the content of Amazon is vague.

1. Who adds pictures? Whether Amazon will add the pictures they are ready will still add a vacancy to the picture to let the seller add it by themselves.

2. Will Amazon delete pictures of clothing size tables? This is because it can help customers choose the correct size and reduce the chance of return.

3. Will this rule cause discrimination? Since at least 47 different gender now is recognized by the LSMFT community, only 10 pictures can be used to be considered discriminatory by some groups? FBA shipping

These concerns have a certain reason. Although many sellers have expectations and hope that there are better changes, many people are worried that they will increase their workload, because the platform should not help the seller's operation and decision -making, and then let them comply with the rules. Instead, they should support them their own themselves action. If there are too many interference in the seller, it will bring a great burden on them.

But this rule is surprised or burden for sellers, and it has to be observed, worrying that this problem is meaningless.

Amazon's functions are more and more. From the beginning of the intention, it is to bring a pleasant shopping experience to consumers. It is also profitable for merchants to make money for their own platforms. Accepting "and rashly changing rules, this not only did not bring convenience to the sellers, but also burdens the sellers.

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