The exposure has exceeded 9.7 billion! Blasting overseas around the panda


Short fat fried hair, slow action, not good at climbing trees ... It is such a big panda that recently frequently appeared on the hot search, the top female star known as the panda world. The lovely appearance and super cute movements have captured the hearts of countless netizens with panda flowers, and quickly fire out. Not only that, the surroundings related to giant panda flowers are printed with the mobile phone case, calendar, keychain and other products printed with the "Hehua" pattern, and it has rushed to the hot list of e -commerce companies, which quickly became a explosion. shipping

On overseas social platforms, Guobao Panda is also the love of overseas friends. Panda peripheral products have always been hot -selling products on cross -border e -commerce platforms. "Panda Hot" also made many cross -border sellers see business opportunities. However, rarely cross -border sellers related to panda -related intellectual property rights are easy to step on the minefield.


The new round of "Panda Hot"

Now everyone is chasing a very new "star", that is, our national treasure panda. The giant panda "Hehua" (nicknamed "Huahua") frequently searched it. Because of its cute and dumb image and often "shooting" by small partners, they became popular on the short video platform. Top flow.

Moreover, the name trademarks of multiple pandas such as Panda Flowers "" Panda and Flowers "have been applied for registration by multiple companies, which is enough to see everyone's love for national treasures. It is understood that" Hehua "was with twins on July 4, 2020 with twins. The younger brother "He Ye" was born in the moon production house of the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. The newborn weight is 200g. It is a panda with a high recognition and value.

The data shows that on a certain treasure, the sales volume surrounded by "Hehua" has soared more than 906%in nearly seven days, and the mobile phone case, calendar, keychain and other items printed with the "Heshu" pattern have become explosive models. Searching for domestic e -commerce platforms found that there are quite a lot of products related to panda "and flowers". The mobile phone case has become the hottest explosive product. The price is about 20 yuan, and the sales volume is not low.

The national treasure panda, which has been in the country, has also captured the love of many overseas friends. As a rare species, giant pandas are not only our national treasures, but also the "treasures" in the eyes of zoo around the world. Some well -known overseas companies have adopted giant pandas in China. The influence of the national treasure panda completely surpasses culture and region.

On TIKTOK, the most popular social media platform overseas, the total exposure of video with #Panda labels is as high as 9.7 billion, and the first challenge for giant pandas to sit on the traffic. Like Chinese people, foreign netizens also like to watch the panda live broadcast and video collection in front of their mobile phones. Among them, watching the video of giant pandas, the exposure rate is amazing, and many overseas friends praise that the national treasure is very cured.

On Tiktok, a giant panda blogger @xiongmaosh, updated the giant panda video almost every day, eat bamboo, climb tree, drink milk, play games ... The giant pandas you want to watch are all here. Many overseas netizens also express their preferences for giant pandas, saying that "Kung Fu Panda" originally existed.

Searching for keywords on Google's trend #panda found that the keywords can be described as hot words. Searching for the hot trend is still high, and it has reached the peak of search many times.

Because I love giant pandas too much, foreign netizens also pursued the surroundings of pandas. From the perspective of overseas e -commerce platforms, overseas consumers love products with panda elements. Notebooks, refrigerator stickers, keychain, plush toys, mobile phone cases, clothing, jewelry and other products. Taking the Amazon platform as an example, searching for #Panda, more than 30,000 + Listing appeared. Among them, various types of panda dolls are the favorite of overseas consumers, and they have received numerous praise.

With the heating discussion of netizens on the topic of panda, many cross -border sellers have also discovered business opportunities, thinking that this wave of "panda fever" may continue to overseas and prepare to choose the product with the cultural influence of pandas. Yu Lan, the cross -border seller of warm shoes and socks and pajamas in winter, said that her shoe and socks products are mainly exported to Japan and South Korea. Considering the pursuit of cute patterns in Japanese and Korean girls, and the popularity of panda patterns is more popular High, her shop has slowly transformed into a panda product store.

However, although panda elements are popular with consumers, there are many risk of infringement.


Copyright risk around Panda

Whether it is the mascot of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, or the ice -mascot ice pier that sells cute Winter Olympics, the image of giant pandas is used in the world. Using the image of a mascot, there is a great risk of infringement, and a seller with risk awareness will naturally avoid it. However, there are still many pits of panda peripheral products.

It is understood that the general panda pattern does not require copyright, but the special image of many pandas has copyrights, such as Kung Fu Panda, mascot panda, etc. However, all patterns of pandas are required overseas. The image of the panda belongs to copyright and does not belong to trademarks. Panda cannot currently apply for a patent, and the image of the panda can be used but cannot be used casually. The panda shape cannot be similar to the patent shape of the panda, and the proportion of posture can not be the same.

In particular, some art masters will create in the image of panda and have copyright. For example, the paintings of Brazilian contemporary painter Romerobritto, most of his paintings are related to animals and combined with modern design and popular culture. The works have a unique flavor. Among them, the best-selling panda pattern has registered copyright in 2017-its work is clearly Allyouneedislove.

Many Amazon sellers fancy their panda patterns, which will use it on clothing, mobile phone shells and other products. They do not know that this is an infringement.

The Winter Olympic Mascot Bingdun has also burst out overseas before. Almost overnight, products around Bingdun, such as ornaments, plush toys, pillows, etc., have been on the Amazon platforms, and once jumped to the BestSeller list. However, because Bingdun has full set of intellectual property protection, including trademarks and appearance patents, unauthorized sellers will inevitably infringement once they sell. Therefore, shortly after, the products around Bingdun, which exploded on the cross -border e -commerce platform, were quickly removed. 

"Panda Hot" is still prevalent in the world, and the giant panda, which is stubborn, is constantly attracting the attention of the people of the world. Cross -border sellers want to work hard on giant pandas. Under legal circumstances, they can use panda elements for cultural and creative design to develop their own unique copyrights and avoid infringement issues.

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