Amazon's dimension reduction strike selection ideas

Today's cross -border e -commerce platform, the inner roll is serious, the seller has surged, the product homogeneity is serious, and the price of the price is flooding. Last year, I made a few products. I just started to investigate and start the market. The price is lower than the other, making people feel cool. I can't help but think deeply. How do I choose the product?

1. Big names are available, and the price reduction is reduced.

For example, the price of a brand A product is $ 150. You can achieve 80 US dollars or even lower by calling the domestic supply chain, then it is very likely to sell. The point is patent issue and product professionalism.

2. Demand that has not been satisfied

This kind of market generally does not have more than 3 opponents. Try to find no Chinese sellers and opponents. The market has a certain amount. It is best that these are normal for these people. The CPC bidding is low. At the same time The blue ocean.

It is not easy to find such a product. It is not difficult to find at least money.

Best need

1) Familiar with a certain category, well -known products in categories, extremely sensitive to uncommon products, otherwise find it everywhere, just like the sea to catch a needle. logistics

2) Study keywords, it is best to find some search volume under a certain category, but the models provided on the platform are small and fewer keywords. The demand is not fully satisfied. And accumulation ability.

3. Products have major innovations

This kind of innovation is not a simple micro -change such as changing colors, adding parts, etc., but a great innovation in functional structure, and it must be accepted by customers. As for the appearance of the appearance, it can only increase the conversion rate, but it must also be done for a long time to do it with the heart to do it for a long time. Link, it is impossible to explode at once.

4. Differential flow

After this year's blow, Amazon basically no seller dares to apply for an evaluation. Then most of the way everyone pushes the new product is low -priced+the in -site searched search advertisement. As a result, the result of the CPC in the station is surging, and the average category price has fallen. Is there only such a promotion? We can push through the connected traffic in the site and the online celebrities and content marketing outside the station. For example, a vertical net red brought your product with fire, and the sales volume suddenly went up. Some people will say that online celebrities and content marketing are high, and small and medium sellers can't do it at all. This part will slowly expand in the future.

The above 4 points, the first point is high in support for the supply chain. The second point must be patient to dig out. The third point is generally not done by the seller. The fourth point has high requirements for marketing capabilities. At least the small seller is feasible, the foothold is still deeply cultivated.

The entire cross -border e -commerce industry has entered the era of stock. If you want to do well, each link must be more than 80 points.

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