Where is the Amazon Red Line? What are the problems of operation?

Amazon's large -scale tragedy is still vivid, and now this wind is gradually blowing to Wal -Mart. The operation of this wave of these two large platforms has led to the tragic situation of "new sellers settled in difficulties and old sellers are easy to be closed".

Last year's "Amazon Bashing Tide Sweeps Pakistan" and blocked the account of more than 13,000 Pakistani sellers, accusing them of fraud. Pakistan has always been optimistic, but the reputation of Mian Channu and Sahiwal, two major cities in Punjab Pakistan next to Pakistan, has been stinky by too many sellers!

Now, Amazon's supervision of Pakistan is expanding, and illegal groups are using Wal -Mart to establish fraudulent social media groups such as "Wal -Mart dealers" on social media. These groups were first established on social media platforms. They were once profitable groups about Amazon fraud, comment manipulation and other scams. They traded with Amazon sellers and made money by paying positive comments. Some more reliable people earn intermediary fees. Some of them deceive buyers to order orders, and then do not pay back money, collect money with their own account, and the seller finally gets a lot of bad reviews. Some are even more unreliable to place an order with fake accounts, and then refund the seller in batches after refunding the money, causing the seller to lose huge losses.

Anyone who is an e -commerce should know that social media platforms and e -commerce platforms are complementary and can play a role in promoting each other. The social media platform is to promote products, which is used by many criminals.

In July last year, Amazon announced a lawsuit or warning to the United States, Italy, Spain, Germany, and other European countries in the management agencies of more than 11,000 websites and social media group management agencies, which were suspected of inducing users to order. Among them, Amazon filed a lawsuit on the administrators of more than 10,000 Facebook groups, accusing them of violating Amazon's rules and fake comments on Amazon products. One of the groups had about 43,000 members. Establishment. logistics

In addition to this kind of sale and selling comments, what are the most common scams?

1. Buy and sell defective products.

Use the old imported, used and refurbished products for sales, and then sell it as a new product on the platform. After receiving the payment, this account will take the initiative to give up.

2. Use different platforms to pick up the price difference.

This is like an order under Poundland in China, and then sold on Taobao. Although there are complaints on this arbitrage behavior, this behavior has not been eliminated because many people profit from it.

3. Pretend to be a fraudulent behavior of the seller.

One is to impersonate the international company, and use the name of a subsidiary of a company in Pakistan to allow the seller to agree to the account of the account. Once the goods receive the goods, they lose contact and make the seller's money. The other is the identity of some auditors mentioned above, and then asked the seller to place an order to refund, place an order with a false account, and cancel the order after receiving the refund.

4. False self -delivery order.

Using Amazon's receipt vulnerability to provide false logistics orders, once Amazon dynamically issued the buyer's payment according to the false logistics, he gave up the account.

Now major platforms are "zero tolerance" attitude towards these actions, so we can't do some illegal operations with luck. Only by obeying the law and the development of high -quality products can we continue to operate for a long time.

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