Why does Amazon always report and sell failure? The solution is ...

Everyone has moved from the age of selling clusters to the current brand of brand -oriented operations, and has changed from the objects that have been imitated by everyone to the object that most sellers hate.

However, most of the followers will make sellers feel a headache, so how to solve the problem of selling and selling? The most direct way must be reported in the Amazon backstage, but many times the reports are failed.

What is the tool for reporting a violating?

"Report A Violation", as a brand protection tool that Amazon is open to brand owners, is a good helper on the road to defending the rights of the rights of brand sellers. In short, after the Amazon brand is registered, intellectual property owners, or agents permitted, can use the tool to report to Amazon and seek treatment to violate trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property rights.

How to improve the success rate of reporting?

First, we must use the correct reporting tool.

Report a violation tools are dealt with in infringement related to intellectual property rights. You need to combine objective facts, the brand's own situation, and think about the current violations of the violation of your trademarks, copyrights, or patent patents. right. If there is no suspected infringement, you must consider using other report entrances.

Second, it must provide correct reporting evidence.

The infringement is divided into different types. For infringement in different situations, corresponding evidence must be provided. If it is reported to the trademark infringement, do not submit copyright -related information as evidence for proof. After all, the situation is different, and Amazon's review will definitely not be passed.

So what is the reason for the unsuccessful reporting report?

Because it is a behavior that Amazon allows Amazon, it will not necessarily form an infringement behavior. If the product sold with the selling seller is genuine, and it is exactly the same as the product sold, then Amazon believes that it is not infringement and use Amazon's report violations. There is no way to report behavior. Therefore, the key question is whether it is a brand genuine with the selling products. As long as it is genuine, no matter which channel it is obtained from the product, it will not belong to intellectual property rights. If you want to report successfully, you must prove that this is a fake with the selling product, so that the report can be successfully reported. get freight quote

How to determine that the following is a fake?

If you want to determine that the product is a fake product, you can follow the steps below: 1. Perform the purchase test to buy the product of the follower of the seller. 2. After receiving the product, carefully confirm whether the product is fake. 3. Record the test purchase order number and related information. You can use it when reporting.

If the products they sell are not fakes, are they not reported at all?

Because if it is not a fake, it will not involve intellectual property violations, and the use of reporting illegal behavior tools is definitely inappropriate. At this time, you should check whether the product is "inconsistent with the description". If you think it really does not meet the requirements, you can go to the Amazon seller platform-performance-account condition. Click "Reporting the Act of Abuse of Amazon Policy" on this page for conduct report.

If it is a trademark infringement, how should I report it?

First of all, the trademark must be the R trademark to meet the report requirements. In addition, the protection of trademark protection is regional. A country or region is based on the trademark rights granted by the trademark law of its country or the trademark treaty in the region. There is no binding force in other countries or countries outside the region. Therefore, we must apply for the trademark in the area in advance, and then the report will be very successful.

If it is a copyright infringement, how should I report it?

First log in to the Amazon seller platform-brand-brand protection-click "Reporting Violations", then enter asin, product links, or upload pictures, search for Asin suspected infringement, then report copyright infringement, check asin or pictures to be reported, upper right on the right, Select the specific types of infringement, choose specific infringement, choose the infringement behavior according to the actual situation, provide proof information, truthfully provide the copyright registration number, copyright work link, or the written description of copyright works according to their own situation, and to describe the cause of infringement in detail. Finally, fill in the correct, contact mailbox and submit it.

There is a point to pay attention to this point: Do not repeatedly submit or submit inaccurate and false reports, otherwise it is likely to be canceled.

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