Don't review it anymore! Amazon severely cracks down on the review, or it will affect the store!

Amazon sellers know the importance of Review, which affects the conversion rate of commodity. Especially for the new product, if the seller can accumulate a good Review in the early stage, the listing ranking can slowly improve.

Review is a relatively important factor in Amazon's complex ranking algorithm, and it is the key to creating explosive models.

Many sellers will use high -tech risks because of the risk of replacement, and the merging variant in violation of regulations is to look good. It can be seen that the importance of Review. Of course, most of the sellers of this big adventure dare not try.

Recently, many sellers received Amazon's warning in the email review, prompting the email to not be delivered because the account could not send active emails temporarily. For detailed information, please check the account -associated e -mail informal box to obtain detailed error notifications.

The warning seller of this class, the mailing function of the store is limited by Amazon.

After opening Case, I learned that the function was limited for 30 days, and if it was made of mistakes afterwards, it would even affect Amazon's stores.

What are the reasons for such problems?

Some sellers speculate that the warning mail may trigger similar keywords such as Review, Comment. Or it is impossible to match Positive, or rewrite. You cannot mention paid, and you cannot say that there are questions to contact yourself through your mailbox and so on.

Some sellers believe that Amazon began a signal that Amazon began to crack down on the comment. Now it ’s just a small punishment. It is recommended to encounter such warning sellers. First admit errors from Amazon, take measures to avoid being calculated after being calculated after autumn. freight cost

Amazon allows urging reviews but not allowed praise, explicit, hints, or seduce guidance to delete different reviews, and change praise. If you have no confidence in your own products, the rating may lead to a bad review. Relatively if the product is fine, it will generally be praised.

How to send a third -party mail correctly?

1. Follow the rules of the Amazon platform.

The Amazon platform understands the importance of the comment on sellers, so it is also encouraged to make a review. Although the Amazon platform has a review template, he allows the seller to change the review template, which means that the seller can make appropriate changes to the content of the review, but the money compensation or rewarded products cannot be used to make consumers to consumers on consumers. Induction.

2. Do not frequently send urging emails.

Frequent emails will not only reduce consumer shopping experience, but also cause consumer resentment, so you must not be counterproductive. There are three use scenarios for the Evaluation templates for the Amazon platform to seller, one is the order confirmation email, the other is an email for order to follow up, and the other is a feedback request mail. As long as these three kinds of review templates are used properly, it is easy to get comments.

3. The content of the review is as short as possible.

Many consumers have no patience. Some consumers will read emails. A good mail can improve the favor of consumers, but the lengthy mail will cause consumers' resentment.

4. Customized review emails.

Amazon's review template can be changed, so Amazon sellers can use their personalized customization, can customize each email with customer name, and can use the brand's logo or brand name to leave a deeper impression on consumers. You can also have the favor of consumers from some emails to attach some products for use or assembly. shipping cost

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