The Middle East Ramadan Festival is coming in 2023. How should cross -border sellers lay out?


According to foreign media reports, the fasting of most countries in the Middle East will begin on March 23 in 2023, and the Eid may start on April 21.

During the fast -moving in Zhaiyue in 2022, the online consumption of the Middle East and North Africa was US $ 6.2 billion, an increase of 39%over 2021. Foreign media predict that the online transaction volume of fasting in the Middle East will increase further in 2023. For cross -border sellers, understanding the consumption trend of the Middle East Ramadan Festival and making reasonable and effective marketing can seize this business opportunity.

The trend of fasting in Zhaiyue in 2023

Globally, consumers mostly use mobile phones to interact during fasting, especially prayers. A data from VIDEN shows that 50-55%of the respondents said they would use mobile phones to pray and shop during fasting, not computers.

1. Mobile marketing is the key

Many data show that mobile marketing will become a key factor during the Ramadan. During the Middle East fasting, sellers should consider making advertisements and content suitable for mobile devices and fascinating to attract the attention of Muslim audiences. Whether placed on social media or websites, video advertisements can effectively attract consumers. In addition, live broadcasts are becoming more and more popular, and sellers can allow users to understand their business or products through live broadcasts.

2. Personalization

With the emergence of artificial intelligence and data -driven marketing, companies can get more data than before. These data can be used to create highly personalized content and experience for Muslim consumers during the fasting period. By understanding the needs of the target audience, companies can Create a tailor -made product to resonate with users at a deeper level.

3. Focus on the family

One of the most striking trends in 2023 is the attention of the family. Aidy is the moment when families gather together to celebrate faith. More and more content is emphasizing the importance of family bonds. Sellers may use the theme of "family reunion" during the fasting period to marketing.

4. Return to tradition and celebrate diversity

Another general trend of Ramadan is to return to tradition. Consumers are eager to stable and familiar, so the content of celebrating tradition and local customs has a strong resonance with consumers during the Rama period. In addition, before fasting this year, many of the Middle East also have a lot of content to celebrate diversity, which is also the most exciting trend. shipping

Ramadan marketing strategy

During the marketing period during fasting, the seller should pay attention to: fasting is a day of fasting, prayer and reflection, not when it is showing off consumption. Therefore, many Muslim consumers will not shop. Muslim consumers need a good marketing strategy.

First of all, the seller should choose the right advertising timing during the fasting period, and provide as much as possible at night when providing discounts and promotion, because Muslim consumers rarely shop during the day; second, the seller must ensure that their content and target audience are related and useful. Keep it. The amount of information, avoid too much sales; in the end, the seller must remember that not everyone will celebrate the fasting of fasting. Do not alienate those consumers who do not participate in fasting during fasting in fasting.

In addition, fasting is a long -lasting war, which is very important for sellers to formulate a staged strategy.

1. Before Ramadan: Create an atmosphere, stimulate demand

(1) Store decoration: Add Ramadan -related material content to the store. The theme is mainly grateful, compassion, and family reunion. It creates a festive atmosphere and establishes emotional connections with consumers to attract the first wave of traffic;

(2) Social media exposure: The atmosphere of preheating fasting, take the opportunity of fasting in social media channels, laying brand and product promotion content;

(3) Ramadan greetings: Send holiday greetings to consumers before fasting, and add the blessings commonly used by fasting in Zhaiyue, Eid, Mu Barak, Ramadan Happy, Mubarak and other Ramadan in the copywriting. The seller can also add information such as the purchase list, gifts and other information to the greetings to stimulate the demand;

(4) Promotional plan: General consumers will consider the purchase list at the first 2-3 weeks of the start of Ramadan. The seller must do a good job in the promotion plan in advance. Remember to avoid violating taboos in the promotional plan. For example Get itself, put on a headscarf, do not appear related pictures related to pigs.

2. Ramadan: Expand marketing and increase exposure

(1) Social media marketing: Overseas net red marketing to speed up the volume. Reds' brands and product marketing content can fit themes such as Xingxiang, family, affection, and positive upward, and increase the output of night content to stimulate consumption;

(2) Promotional discounts: During the critical period of rapid starting volume, sellers need to open the door to see the type of advertising impact, directly list discounts and preferential information, to clearly guide and encourage shopping;

(3) Establish a brand image: At the stage of continuous heat of the Ramadan Festival, sellers can show the joy of celebrating consumers, establish a deeper emotional connection, and attract consumers to pay attention to the brand in a relaxed and interesting way. freight

3. After fasting: grab the end of the end, continue to measure

One week before the Eid, the number of consumers visiting shopping websites and platforms will surge, mainly to prepare for Eid. Most consumers will purchase clothing, grocery, gifts and other products at this time.

(1) Continuous marketing: Cross -border live broadcasts and celebrities can continue to operate, increase product exposure, and drain for brand stores and independent stations;

(2) Do a good job of after -sales: Focus on logistics, customer service, and returns to solve and prevent possible disputes, enhance the reputation of the brand, and help subsequent transactions.

Middle East fast -selling products

For Muslims, the New Year is the same as Muslims. During the fasting, Muslims consumers will add clothes and visit relatives and friends. Products about this scene will be hot. In addition, fasting will shorten Muslim consumers' working hours, so they will have more home time, and products about home and 3C will also be sold hot. The specific hot sales category of the Middle East Ramadan Festival is as follows:

1. Kitchenware products: For Muslim consumers, they will start eating and drinking water after the sunset. Due to changes in the meal time, preparing food at home is an important part of fasting. choose;

2. Blessings products: You can post fast -moving blessings on your own website, such as Ramdadan Kareem (Congratulations to fasting); you can also customize the related greeting cards of fasting, with the goods with the goods;

3. Clothing and matching: Eid on the way is the opportunity to dress up and go out for Muslims. During the fasting, wearing long skirts and headscarves is Muslim women's most basic wearing customs in this festival, especially headscarves, which can be seen everywhere in daily life. For Muslim men, traditional costumes including robes and gown are also officially wearing during the fasting period;

4. Home products: One of the categories with large purchase volume, especially the decoration, decorative lamps, wallpapers, home textiles and handicrafts. Among them, the decoration of traditional Islamic elements will be more popular;

5, 3C products: electronic audio, game consoles, game mouse, keyboard, projector and other entertainment equipment mobile phones, accessories, headphones, projection and other products will usher in the peak of demand;

6. Jewelry protection products: fasting also symbolizes the increase in gatherings with relatives and friends, and there are also large demand for perfume, jewelry, personal care and other products. Gifts are also an important part of the Ramadan celebration. Sellers can also consider selection in this area.

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