Amazon hot thunderstorm! A large number of shops were sued

Toy category has always been one of the loved markets of cross -border sellers, and its vast market space has attracted a large number of sellers to enter the venue. However, in addition to the fierce competition, the toy category is also easy to trigger infringement. For example, recently, a bubble machine peripheral product that sells in Amazon -Toy Bubble Gun toy foaming guns launched a case, and 58 shops were prosecuted. What other products that initiate rights protection this week will look at it with Hugo.

1. TOY BUBBLE GUN toy foaming gun

Toy Bubble Gun toy foaming gun is a kind of toy, which is used to make and spray bubbles. It is usually made of plastic. It has different appearances. There are different colors and shapes. The bubble machine has colorful lights. It can emit colorful bubbles, which is very dreamy.

Toy Bubble Gun toy foaming gun has been on TIK Tok, YouTube, Instagram, which has been popular, which has aroused many users. This has also led to the overall sales of bubble guns. It's not a minority.

The brand Fang Huankai Gao gained the appearance patent for its brand Toy Bubble Gun toy foaming gun in August 30, 2022.

This is a patent application invented by Huankai Gao, a seller from Shantou, China.

The following is part of the exterior patent picture of the Toy Bubble Gun bubble gun:

The Toy Bubble Gun bubble gun has issued a lawsuit against 58 shops, but it is only just filed and has not been frozen. If there are sellers for sales, please remove the shelves in time.

At present, there are still many similar products on Amazon, please sellers carefully.

2. Camelbak Bottle hump kettle patent

Sellers selling outdoor products should be familiar with Camelbak. It is not new to jointly protect the Rights protection of the Keith Law. This time, it changed the patent case of an outdoor kettle under the GBC law firm.

Camelbak is an American outdoor equipment company, headquartered in Petarma, California, and is known for its water bags and kettle products. Camelbak is also a supplier of US military protection equipment and other products.

Camelbak has been settled on the mainstream third -party platform, and there are also self -operated official website At present, the monthly visiting users can reach about 300,000, and it is ranked 602 globally in sports. More than 80%of their websites are from the United States, mainly male users aged 25-34.

Camelbak applies for the appearance patent for the kettle sold on its official website. According to the patent map, Camelbak's kettle design is designed in the form of a bottle body, with arc -shaped depression. Therefore , Avoid infringement.

Due to the large number of products under Camelbak, other products may also initiate rights protection in the future. Sellers remember to investigate and avoid mines.

3. Jonas Brothers Jonas Brothers Band

There are also well -known bands to launch trademark rights. Recently, the brand Fang Merch Traffic, LLC launched rights protection for the trademark rights of Jonas Brothers Jonas Brothers Band.

Jonas Brothers is a popular American rock band consisting of three brothers, established in 2005. Their fame can be traced back to their single "Year 3000" and "S.O.S" they released in 2007. These two songs have made them pay attention to the Disney Channel. Then they signed a contract with Hollywood Records and started themselves. Music career.

The three members of the Jonas brothers are Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas. Their music covers different styles such as popular rock, pop music and rural music. Their songs are widely popular and loved by young people around the world. In addition to the music career, the Jonas brothers also participated in the filming of multiple movies and TV shows, becoming a well -known star in the world.

It is worth noting that Jonas Brothers has registered text trademarks in jewelry, clothing, music, poster and stickers. Once there is a vending peripheral products related to the band, remember to check and get offer in time.

If there are similar products using Jonas Brothers, you may face the risk of infringement. Remember to remove the shelves.

Four, Gloomy pink bear

Gloomy is a bear with pink as its main color, created by Japanese graphic designer Chisato Mori. Gloomy's image is cute and slightly fierce, often accompanied by his master Pity in various artworks such as handmade postcards, posters, toys designed by MORI.

Gloomy started selling handmade postcards on the streets of Osaka, Japan in 2000. As its popularity continues to increase, Mori uses the image of Gloomy into business illustrations and has won wider attention and recognition. The image of Gloomy and Pity is cute and some dark humor, which has been loved by many fans.

In addition to successful in the Japanese market, Gloomy's image has gradually been recognized worldwide. MORI's works are exhibited in various art exhibitions and events, and have become the theme of many postcards and toys.

The brand Fang Chisato Mori has registered its text trademark Gloomy. In addition to the text trademark, its cartoon image cannot be used without authorization. At present, 241 shops have been prosecuted, and sellers need to pay attention.

The seller can go to the brand's official website to view peripheral products and conduct self -examination as soon as possible.

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