What are the ways to play outside Amazon's new product station?

When Amazon's new product is promoted outside the station, many sellers do not know how to play to maximize their interests. The sellers must pay attention to the first condition, that is, the new product inventory is relatively sufficient. It is not recommended to use different places to push new products, unless it is tested by outside the station.

High -price+flexible adjustment discounts+improvement conversion rate

The first stage: no advertisement, pure Code outside the station

The new product has just been launched and does not open advertisements. Then there is basically no natural traffic in new products, which is to seize this basic common sense. At this stage, new products do not require natural traffic or natural orders. There is only one most important indicator. New product conversion transformation If you go up, the BSR ranking is intermittent.

This process adopts intermittent traffic or a wave of traffic. In the Amazon background [Data Report] to [Business Report], you can see the daily visits and conversion rate of this link. An order data record table, new access volume, conversion rate, natural orders, off -site orders and other data can be seen.

The second stage: without advertising, CODE+COUPO outside the station

Maybe after a week or two weeks, we have to do a very important action, to check the ranking of the natural keywords with the SIF tool. A action, using Code+Coupo mode.

Why use this model?

When most of the keywords come to the first three pages, it means that the new product already has natural traffic. At this time, it is easier to increase the natural order directly when opening the coupon. About 40%.

How long will the new products be put in, and natural rankings can be made. To let nature rank, you need to meet two points: the comprehensive conversion rate of new products is continuously improved. Only these two points can improve the natural ranking of the new products. The first two weeks of the new product are put in about 3 times a week, about 2 to 3 weeks. To ensure the above two points, most of the keywords naturally rank to the front to the front. 3 pages.

Continue to combine outside the station and use the Code+Coupo mode to place it. At this stage, the purpose of the off -site placement is to stabilize the list of small categories to stabilize the nature. Further stabilize and natural rankings.

The third stage: open advertisements inside the station, stop it outside the station

Standard movements that stop outside stations are at least 10 new comments, and star maintenance above 4.3 points. Different categories of competition are different. For example Put it. At about 30 recordings of recording recorders, they can stop the stations outside the station. Different categories have different requirements for new comments.

Stopping outside the station, immediately do the following actions:

The price of new products is reduced, $ 20.99 to $ 16.99; Coupon has increased from 20%to 30%; the next day starts the advertisement in the station.

The price reduction of new products will have a red label of 30 days of price reduction, which will greatly increase the exposure click conversion rate. Most of the natural keyword rankings have reached the first three pages of the natural keywords outside the station. The intensity will further improve the natural ranking, so as to get more natural orders, and start advertising the next day, new advertising orders will be unexpected.

Lower price+flexible adjustment discount strength+improvement conversion rate

For example, the price of competitors is $ 19.99, and new products can be enabled for $ 17.99 for off -site delivery. According to all processes operation, this price is placed outside the station. It is easy to explode the order. It will be accelerated, and the advertisements in the site can be started soon. The disadvantage is that there will be many outside stations, the out -of -site losses are relatively large, the category ranking will be relatively fierce, and the new ranking will be too fast to be deceived by competitors. logistics

Double station outside gameplay

In actual operation, in fact, we will find that when our pricing is too high, it will cause low in -site transformation and less competition; when our pricing is too low, we must take more than 50%of social promotion outside the station and lose too much money.

How to solve the introduction of the traffic outside the station, and the conversion of traffic in the site will not be affected by the price?

The first stage: layout strategy

Dual account layout, the product sends two accounts at the same time, one main number and one trumpet.

Second stage: arrange strategy

For example, the price of the product is 15 yuan, the cost of product+freight commission is 9 yuan, the gross profit is 40%, and the scope of the peer price fluctuation is 13-18 yuan. The prices of the main number and trumpet of the first stage of strategy are 32.99 yuan, and the trumpet is scheduled to hit the trumpet on the first station for the first time. When there is a certain list, the system will grasp the first price of 32.99 yuan. Then the main number began to reduce the price to 15.99, and the small price was 32.99 unchanged to pave the way for the future.

Third stage: continuous promotion strategy

Every time we do outside the station, the station we make is a trumpet. It will be much better than 50 %. In addition, the traffic in the station has not lost its position throughout the competition. Our price is not higher than the market price. It is a normal price. We use a variety of methods to promote it. On the original basis, we will increase the introduction of out -of -site traffic.

It is now recommended to play outside the dual -station. The top two in the previous two are much lost. If you have enough capital, you can try it!

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