Notice! Multiple Amazon warehouse closed

Recently, because of the storm in central and southern United States, Amazon's multiple warehouses were forced to restrict operation.

Among them, the structure of the Amazon AFW1 warehouse is damaged and it has been temporarily closed. It is expected to be repaired until April 30. The long maintenance time has made many sellers anxious to sell and send them normally.

1. Close multiple warehouses, seller Listing is not available

According to the information released by the freight forwarding, at present, the Malayson warehouse is severely restricted, and the seller's goods may have a delay in crisis.

1.SBD1, LAX9, GYR3, SCK1 is subject to explosive positions and internal maintenance. At present, at least 15 days to 20 days of appointment delay.

2.FTW1 / DFW6 / FTW5 Amazon Warehouse is located in Texas Dallas snow.

3. SMF3 has been closed. Due to internal maintenance, the SMF3 does not know when it will be restored. All SMF3 appointments have been postponed by Amazon.

4.qxy9 is also due to operational restrictions. At present, Amazon has not approved appointments and cannot know the specific delivery date.

5. Krb7 AWD satellite warehouse Due to the limitation of operation, Carrier Central's appointment to the earliest delivery date is from the end of May to the beginning of June. Date.

The timeliness of Amazon's warehouses has different degrees of delays, and it is impossible to confirm that it will return to normal time. There will be a certain delay in the US Western goods. Therefore, many sellers feedback, Amazon's time limit for delivery logistics has delays, and a large number of products show the logo of "Delivery After XMax".

2. Amazon warehouse ORF2 address change notice

UPS and Amazon protocols for parcels that are transported to Amazon ORF2.

It is worth noting that from February 3, 2023, the original ORF2 goods UPS was delivered to this old original address (5045 Portsmouth Blvd, Chesapeake VA 23321): the following fees, re -route fees, additional transportation fees, additional transportation fees, additional transportation fees, additional transportation fees The cost will be replenished in the future.

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