Notice! Amazon sellers in the United States began to rush to the European market

For the Amazon seller at the US site, 2023 will be a year of expanding to overseas markets. "Mordern Retail" interviewed some people in the industry and learned that Britain and Germany were the first target market for their target to go to sea.

Marketplace Pulse pointed out in 2020 that there are about 300,000 sellers in the Amazon European markets. Among them, there are 3,300 German station sellers with a sales of more than $ 1 million and 3,200 British stations. The two major markets are also the main markets of Amazon. The market environment of these two countries is relatively stable and per capita income has continued to rise. Although Germany is the second largest market in Amazon, due to similar language, some American sellers choose to settle Britain. Many brands originally chose to go to overseas markets, mainly to better protect their business from geopolitical conflict, energy crisis, and intensified inflation.

Phil Masiello, the chief executive of e -commerce marketing agency CrunchGallth, said his company has begun to transfer about 28 customers to Ireland and British markets, and 30 to 40 customers said they are interested in expanding overseas business in Europe.

Phil Masiello also said that Germany will be the main market that many sellers want to enter. As a brand further expand to Europe, it will be cheaper and convenient to ship to countries such as Italy, Sweden and Denmark. Germany is located in the center of the European Economic Zone, which makes it easier for the brand to land and expand in Germany. "

Masiello said that when opening stores in these areas, it is recommended that branders understand the local market economy, such as transportation costs and taxes.

At the same time, the German manager of another e -commerce marketing institution Pattern also said that the company helped 5 American customers start a market expansion in Germany in 2022. At present, there are 20 customers who are discussing with them. To fully expand to the European market. It is undeniable that for the Amazon seller in the United States, the scale and stability of the European market are undoubtedly a "fragrant citron" in the current US economic situation.

Pattern European Business Operation Director Torsten Schäfer said the customer's enthusiasm for the expansion of overseas markets is becoming more and more prominent.

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