European station sellers must watch! Amazon Sweeps European compliance!

The knowledgeable BOSS should know that the Amazon shop and the early Amazon shops are already two concepts. In the early days, Amazon opened a store, a computer and a network cable registered an account to open orders. You don't need to pay too much money and energy to take care and operation. Nowadays, the current Amazon will only lose "one defeat" with early thinking. Now to make Amazon, you need to make full psychological preparations and financial preparations, especially in Amazon Europe.

The European market is large and profitable, but more and more sellers choose to withdraw from the European market? There is no reason for him. Compared with other sites in Europe, whether it is first transportation, warehousing or various taxes, people feel "a big head", and it is relatively troublesome to deal with it. European tax compliance issues have headaches for many sellers. Different national policies are different, and the processes are cumbersome. It takes a lot of time to deal with tax issues. Because these tedious operations and processes are dismissed by batch of sellers. Therefore, from the perspective, the market in Europe is a blue ocean.

More sellers are more willing to fight for blood in the United States, and they are unwilling to spend more time to deal with those tedious things on European stations. Due to the changes in European tax changes, sellers are exhausted at all.

Recently, the British cargo plan has changed, and the content is: "Note that you will have the obligation to generate a report on your own and pay for sales, use, assets, income and other taxes and fees in accordance with the state, province, municipality or autonomous region where the inventory is located." This line of words makes sellers anxious and disturbed.

For this situation, sellers are worried about whether Amazon will have any big moves, because recent EU and British bank cards are scanning their numbers. Some sellers have studied this policy, saying that this is just implying that the consumption tax of Amazon buyers' local government is explained. It belongs to Amazon's pre -deduction fee for each order. Some charges have nothing to do with domestic sellers.

However, Amazon European Corporation has issued a new announcement that is updating its European VAT computing service policy to apply some types of products in some types of products in Amazon European stores. From February 7, 2023, with the introduction of the EU B2B product specific value -added tax calculation, Amazon will apply for domestic reverse taxation (0%VAT) related to products that meet the following conditions.

To sell electronic products, it is necessary to pay domestic reverse taxes related to products. The taxes and fees of these products are different from the country and region. The products affecting mobile phones, computer chips, electronic readers, laptops, tablet computers, or video game consoles.

B2B sales belonging to the European station.

The transport value is higher than the applicable threshold (usually about 5,000 euros).

Sales in Britain, Germany, Romania, the Republic of the Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark or Latvia.

Once this policy is updated, Amazon Europe may face headaches such as cost changes. In this way, the seller has to go back to adjust the financial statements and re -account. The tax calculation of European stations is a headache. Now this project has been added. Many sellers really do not know what to do. For this issue, it can only be adjusted after the policy is landed.

For European goods, is it necessary to pay taxes or deferred?

The first batch of goods is recommended to be deferred, and it is compliant with its own tax number operation. In the future, you can consider using taxpayers.

In addition to tax issues, there are some compliance issues in Europe, such as energy labeling problems. In many cases, they can only continue to appeal. The most helplessness is that even if the appeal is approved, the link does not recover.

All in all, there are indeed more tedious tasks in European stations, but each site has its own troublesome things. The more tedious sites, the smaller the competition. The less complicated, the greater the competition, but the problems encountered by different stations have different problems, so the focus is different.

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