Amazon's new feature allows the price war to upgrade again! How should the sellers break through?

For e -commerce platforms at home and abroad, the price is like an invisible wind. The market environment is constantly changing, and the hearts of the bosses are chaotic all the time.

When the supply and demand of the market is not equal, it is easy to cause the premium or depreciation of the product, and the profit of the seller will increase the profit or reduce the loss. Xu is to keep the market in a relatively stable environment. At the same time, it is strictly prevents sellers who are addicted to price wars at low prices, so that sellers can monitor changes in the external environment at any time and strive for more profit margins for sellers. Amazon recently A new feature -Automate Pricing again.

Amazon officially pointed out that in addition to allowing sellers to maintain competitiveness in the new feature Automate Pricing, sellers can also configure automatic pricing rules to increase prices.

The latest announcement released by Amazon explained this new feature. Through the configuration price rules, the seller's product price is compared with the price of retailers outside the Amazon store. Once the external price rises, Amazon will increase the product price of the seller. Maintain the price of this type of product in the market in a relatively stable and good competitive environment.

In this way, the price of Amazon sellers can be quickly adjusted according to the mainstream price changes in market competitive products. The sellers not only saved the time and energy of managing products, but also more opportunities to improve profits.

At present, this new automatic pricing feature is free to open to the seller. The seller who wants to open can register its SKU to the competitive characteristic preferential rules or minimum price rules when setting up automatic pricing.

It is worth noting that the sellers are not the first time Amazon has adjusted the price of price pricing.

For example, Amazon announced the restrictions on the number of uploading functions of the automatic pricing function in 2020, and also increased the number of SKUs uploaded by a single upload; in 2021 Amazon sellers can create automatic pricing rules based on "commercial prices" and "quantitative discounts"; 2022 sellers sellers in 2022 sellers We can also set the minimum and highest price of SKU in batches ...

Amazon these fancy reform rules are nothing more than to allow sellers to adjust the price of goods in a timely manner according to the external environment and market competition, and better achieve the maximum sales profit, so that the Amazon market environment is relatively stable and fair in a relatively stable and fair market environment In the environment.

It is not difficult to see that the e -commerce platform has repeatedly optimized product pricing rules and processes. The most critical purpose is to maintain the price competitiveness of the seller's commodity and ensure the price advantage of the platform.

At the end of last year, E -commerce Analysis Company Profitero released a research report on the price war of e -commerce platform. The results show that Amazon has been elected as the lowest price online retailers in the US market for six consecutive years, and has been elected as the lowest price online retailers in the British market for three consecutive years. The price of multiple categories is far lower than competitors.

Being able to maintain price competition advantages, on the one hand, is due to Amazon's continuous optimized pricing strategy and efficient operating model process, and on the other hand, many Amazon sellers have multiple benefits. In order to maintain the price competition advantage in some categories, Amazon has been deliberately guiding and reducing the seller's product price.

The e -commerce market has fallen into a downturn, consumers have increased their sensitivity to soaring prices, the price wars of e -commerce platforms have intensified, and sellers' lives are even more sad.

The lower the price, the more competitive. In order to rank rankings and sales volume, many people choose to sell at a low price at a low price, the price is extremely internal consumption, and the cost of advertising and freight after the price increase. This price is tug -of -war.

In recent years, such low -priced and vicious competition has become more and more frequent. Sellers have no choice for survival, and Amazon's charging standards are constantly increasing. Sellers have soared the cost of selling goods, and profit pressure has doubled.

In the new year, if you want to better keep profits, and seek more advantages in the cruel price war, sellers can only work hard in products and operations to continuously improve their own strength.

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