How to do the Amazon operation plan?

The First stage

Preparation before formal operation, sort out the basic situation of Amazon account, brand, and team, and understand the definition of models.

The second stage

Learn Amazon's account security and selection skills, know the selection ideas, start selection for publishing, and at the same time know the common indicators of Amazon's performance sector, such as ODR, infringement illegal, illegal policies and products, unprepared distribution performance, and commodity compliance request requests Wait, be able to master basic functions such as Amazon's various terms and background sections.

Learn Amazon's promotion QA and after-sales knowledge, understand the presentation and difference of seckill, member-exclusive discounts, coupons, and promotion, know how to handle Amazon's back-office orders, how to handle back-of-stock orders, and know common after-sales operations, such as handling claims, negative comments, or return orders.

Learn Amazon Advertising, know the meaning of various terms on the advertising page, know how to create advertisements in the background, understand common Amazon advertising types, know how to download various advertising reports, and understand how to optimize links to link links.

The third stage

The publication is shipped to determine the category to operate the store, corresponding to the second or third -level categories for selection, and perform vertical operation. Knowing Amazon's picture placement skills, the main map is placed in white background, and the auxiliary diagrams are preferred to place size maps, detail display maps, functional selling points, use scene maps, etc., understand the title, keywords, five points, described editors of each copy, etc. Skills and points, you can refer to the title, five, QA, and Review of similar sales, and grasp the authentic local language expression methods and high -quality product descriptions. Start screening store products for FBA stocking, you can adopt the following stocking ideas:

1. After the order is issued, a FBA link can be built under the same asin.

2. Self -shipping products are not available for orders but have high exposure and high clicks. You can build a FBA link direct hair product under the same asin for stocking.

3. Refer to the store in the same period of the same period of the store in the same period,

4. Refer to the same kind of products with hot cakes for stocking.

5. Use the reptile tool to capture one of the small categories on the Amazon platform. In the past two months, the spontaneous goods from Chinese sellers have been launched in the past two months.

The fourth stage

After optimizing the publishing of the new product to the background, you can set up 5%coupon or increase the transformation of level promotion in batches, and classify links that have been published in the background: high flow and high conversion, high flow and low conversion, low flow high conversion, low traffic, low traffic Low conversion, high flow, and high conversion are to keep the product continuously, continue to pay attention to product rankings, expose conversion rate, maintain high sales, low traffic conversion represents low conversion rate, you can choose to optimize the main graph title five points, and at the same time you can make a+ a+ product A+ Increase the transformation of the product. You can choose to optimize the product's keywords at low flow and high conversion. Comparing the title, five, QA, and Review on the platform, find high -frequency vocabulary from it, you can also use some keywords to find tools, such as Jungle Scout, seller elves, etc. Wait, add these high -quality keywords to the product keywords to the title, five points.

At the same time, pay attention to the advertising of the product. If you open the automatic advertisement, you can download the advertising report to collect it. Click on the high -quality customer search words higher than the order, make manual advertisements, increase keyword bidding, and increase product exposure. Low traffic and low conversion indicate that both flow and the conversion is lacking. This kind of product needs to be refurbished, such as replacing attractive main maps, making large discount coupons or promotions to the product, adding to the product's keywords to add to the keywords of the product Large traffic words, batch price reduction of the product, and so on.

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