When the product enters the off -season, what should Amazon sellers do? These methods must be remembered

"The category is now in the off -season, and the traffic is not one -tenth of the peak season. What should I do?"

For sellers who do seasonal products, this is a matter of special concern. Because when your products enter the off -season, they will face the dual decline of traffic and single volume.

Although the products sold by sellers are different, there are differences in the off -season time. However, when the product is in the off -season, many Amazon sellers often choose "inaction", because they feel that the traffic is relatively small, so you don't need to do more operations.

But in fact, such ideas are wrong. The off -season does not mean that the seller can "do nothing". On the contrary, for the seller, the off -season is when the energy is accumulated. The ranking optimizes the product link to the best state, and it can only break through the next peak season.

What does the seller need to do during the off -season

If the product enters the off -season, the traffic begins to decline, and the following situations are facing:

1. If the product inventory is severe, it is recommended to clear the inventory first

Reduce price, compared to competing products with price advantages

Increase CUOPON discount

Using the DEALS platform outside the station or the celebrities outside the station promote

Do bundle sales, binding sales with products with good store sales and correlation

Reducing inventory one can reduce the corresponding storage fee, especially the peak season, three times the storage costs often make it difficult for the seller to bear it; the backlog of its second inventory is severe, and it is easy to affect the IPI score of the account. The replenishment is restricted; the rankings and weights of the three stabilization of the store and listing will be simpler in the peak season. forwarder

2. The inventory has not many backlogs, but there are fewer or no orders.

There are many orders during the peak season, but the current orders have become less or no order. The seller can adjust the budget of the advertisement again. Because the product enters the peak season, the corresponding category traffic will be reduced, and the CPC of some large words will rise, and the conversion will be reduced. Sellers need to grasp more accurate traffic to ensure the conversion rate.

For example, in the past, the advertising campaign that could burn budgets in the past cannot be burned now. The seller can consider reducing the advertising budget and using this part of the budget to put on accurate words or testing new release. The budget of each advertisement does not need to be given a lot.

Regarding the situation without orders, the advertising activity is very low, the clicks are rarely, or even no conversion. The BID of this part can be appropriately reduced, some advertising costs are reduced, and loss of loss in time. Sellers can also choose to do a positioning ASIN advertisement, find ASIN, which has an advantage in common, poor ranking, or compared with the product, use these advertising activities to eliminate some invalid traffic and get more accurate traffic.

Of course, even if the product has entered the off -season, it is not recommended to turn off the advertisement, which can reduce the bidding and keep the product exposed to a certain extent, because according to Amazon's algorithm, the system actually prefers keyword advertisements and advertising marketing activities with longer running time. Even in the off -season, few people clicks, sporadic orders will not make your advertising data ugly.

Therefore, for sellers, the off -season does not mean "inaction", and it takes time to analyze and study advertising data.

Use the off -season time to create explosive models

We know that seasonal products have obvious sales growth periods and sales declines. The traffic of seasonal products is not the same as the traffic trend of ordinary products. It is like a parabolic line with a open mouth.

At the bottom of the parabolic line, when the product is operated in the early stage, the seller needs to rank keywords and the product ranking slowly; when the parabolic line is at the top of the parabolic line, that is, during the peak season, we can reduce the corresponding advertising input and get more orders; to another parabolic line At the bottom, the product is off the off -season, and then use discounts or outside the station to clear the inventory to prevent the product from selling.

Sellers need to formulate different operating strategies at different stages, such as the preliminary budget push rankings, and in the off -season in the later period, they must know how to reduce the price and clear the goods.

In addition, the seller faces some strong seasonal products. When the life cycle of the product is about to end, the use of the off -season time to develop new products based on the trend and market competition. It occupies a favorable market position when the off -season is alternate.

At the same time, sellers can also optimize and upgrade the product. Based on the previous sales data and the feedback of users, the sales of higher sales and better evaluations are selected. Amazon logistics

First, one month before the peak season, do a good job of natural traffic.

The focus is on the two dimensions of increasing conversion rate and driving sales weights. These two dimensions can drive our large number of keyword rankings to rise.

Second, do a good job of analysis of competitors and walk in front of the competitors in advance

Third, control the inventory. Determine the transportation cycle, which includes the time from from issuing procurement instructions to the time for the goods to enter the Amazon warehouse and update inventory; predict the daily sales volume, and judge How many days, and set a warning value to reasonably formulate sales strategies to avoid out stock.

For seasonal products, sellers can also click this video to view.

Of course, during the period of the off -season, the seller can also allow the team to improve their operating capabilities, especially keywords and advertising trading and layout. in the case of.

There is also the boss of a small company that needs to improve its operational trading ability at all times, because the company's life and death pulse is in their hands, and it is necessary to require themselves to be proficient in the underlying logic of operations and familiarity with operations. According to the process, a complete operation system is summarized, such as explosive models to create processes, advertising rhythm strategies, etc., and then implement employees.

Otherwise, it is easy to appear in operation that it should not be trusted when it is invested, and the budget is not in place. When the new product is delivered, it will destroy the coherentness and rhythm of the operation; The out of stock from time to time or other reasons, which caused a good link to become a pool of dead water.

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