How to choose Amazon selection? A few misunderstandings should be avoided!

One:Selection misunderstanding

1. The product homogeneity is serious

Neither the appearance nor the function, nor can it be sold blindly in terms of price than competitors.

2. The method of analyzing the Review is wrong

Both analysis and praise must be analyzed. View praise has two functions. One is to see the user's use scenario, which makes your positioning more clearly and more accurate definition of the product. The second is that the reason why customers have left praise must be A certain value, solve the problem, this is the core selling point of the product. freight cost

3. Ignore the user's pain point

Starting from the general problem, consider the problem from the perspective of users.

4. Follow the wind selection

For example, the previous types of fingertips gyro, regardless of the consequences, only look at the selection of the interests in front of the interests.

5. Pay attention to details

(1) Product quality: Each purchase must be inspected, and a series of different reviews caused by product quality problems are eliminated from the source.

(2) Qualification certificate: such as FDA, MSDS, etc.

(3) Coordination: Shipping speed, prepayment, whether labeling, packing, and other series of issues.

(4) Logistics speed: the time to send the product to the warehouse.

6. Test money

(1) Fan base: Use some evaluation groups of Facebook to see the customer's feedback on the product.

(2) Use Amazon's data report, that is, ARA.

(3) Open advertisements, see clicks, bidding, transformation, and speak with data.

7. Commonly used tools for selection

(1) Jungle Scout: You can browse most of the data of the product search page: name, brand, seller quantity, variant quantity, price, category, sales ranking, estimated sales, estimated sales, comment quantity, comment star, comment star grade And logistics method, etc.

(2) Merchantwords: According to the search results and heat of the product, to understand the specific needs of the product in the market.

(3) Google Trend: Sellers can search through the keywords of the product or Lenovo keywords to find products with high searches.

Keepa plug -in: not only can monitor the historical price of the product, the historical ranking, but also record the growth of the number of spike records and reviews of the SKU.

CamelCamelcamel: Click to enter the details of Amazon's product details. It will show the changes in the sales ranking and price history of the product, which will greatly help analyze the life cycle of the product.

Two: How to avoid infringement?

You can search directly on the official website with keywords:

Use Google to search for identification.

You can distinguish whether such products have patents from the price and volume of the supplier, or directly consult a more experienced dealer.

See how much the number of sellers on Amazon, and the degree of selling. Seek advice from suppliers, and communicate with experienced sellers.

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