Amazon selection in the first quarter of 2023

At the beginning of the year, many Amazon cross -border sellers suffer from how to choose. Compared with the peak sales season in the fourth quarter, the platform passenger traffic in the first quarter will tend to be constant, and there will not be a large number of consumers poured into the platform. Therefore, the sales of many sellers are also flat.

The common three questions of selection strategies are: How to formulate selection strategies? How do I know what consumers' interest in the first quarter? How many products should I purchase as the inventory reserves?

1. Sports and fitness equipment

One of the determinations of many consumers is fitness and shaping, which is undoubtedly a business opportunity.

According to the Jungle Scout consumption trend report, compared with the third quarter, the number of people buying sports and fitness equipment in the fourth quarter of 2022 increased by 40%, and this trend will continue until the first quarter of 2023.

In the first quarter of 2022, people's search interest on keywords Working Equipment increased significantly. Compared with early 2022, the search volume of keywords related to fitness in early 2023 is even higher.

After viewing the trend of monthly search volume, you will find that consumers usually actively search for such products after holidays and New Year.

At the same time, this category is also very competitive, so if you are selling fitness products of your own brand, you can try to jump out of conventional ideas, such as making full use of Tiktok's huge user base for social media marketing.

If sellers can find more popular sports and fitness products, resale, or even Dropshipping through retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, online arbitrage, and even Dropshipping. Sellers can usually find low -priced brand sports and fitness equipment in these stores in order to be sold on Amazon. If you follow the arbitrage route, make sure you first use the Amazon seller app to scan the product to ensure that the product is not on the sale list.

2. Sports fitness clothing

Clothing and shoes are very suitable for retail arbitrage sellers, because there are not many Amazon sellers that allow products to sell products in the corresponding categories.

If you are more interested in your own brand products in the fitness industry, you may wish to use the heat products of social media such as Tiktok Leggings for drainage to expand the basic influence of the product.

The following is another type of fitness product -wristband, which has increased significantly in the past 30 days:

3. Personal beauty care products

Searching keywords Skincare Routine on Tiktok, you will find how indispensable a beauty product is for consumers' lifestyle.

The seller can establish a special TIKTOK audience, or use the Amazon influenzeric plan to recommend your favorite products. At the same time, you can also consider bundling popular supplementary beauty products to provide a complete beauty skin care solution. shipping cost

Wholesale and retail arbitrage is also the perfect business model of selling beauty products on Amazon.

4, swimsuit

Because the United States and most of Canada are affected by cold weather, many people want to go through a warm winter vacation in the south. Many college students need to find a suitable swimwear for this end of March. In early January, the trend of search volume of men's and women's swimwear products has become highlighted.

5. Seasonal products

In the first quarter, there were two special festivals, and consumers would not hesitate to spend money shopping: Valentine's Day and Santa Patrick Festival.

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