Amazon has launched "INSPIRE" similar to Tiktok, do you know?

On December 8th local time, Amazon announced that it will start to provide a short video service "Amazon Inspire" (hereinafter referred to as "INSPIRE") in the United States in December.

INSPIRE is a "shopping proposal" that can be viewed in the "Amazon Shopping" application. Users can roll browse personalized images and videos based on their interesting and interest. Applicable to mobile applications.

Image and video introduction products. If you are interested, click a few times to display the price and overview of the product, and you can buy it on Amazon.

How to start using INSPIRE?

It is simple to start using INSPIRE. You can open the Amazon shopping application, click the "bulb" icon on the bottom navigation bar, select your favorite interest, and then you can start rolling. To get all the comments of a product, click its thumbnail. If you do not see the "bulb" icon, please pay close attention to the application because it will appear for all American customers in the next few months. INSPIRE is currently available only when using Amazon shopping applications.

To start using Inspire, customers need to open Amazon shopping applications and click Inspire icon. At the time of launch, they will be prompted to choose from more than 20 interests, including makeup, skin care, pets, games, plants, hiking, interior design, travel, running, etc., so that their Inspire Feed can be personalized. shipping

Although Inspire focuses on short video content, it also provides support for photos to make it a mixture of Tiktok and Instagram. Like Instagram, you can double -click anywhere on the screen to like the content of red heart. However, your rolling Inspire experience is very similar to using Tiktok's vertical video source. Sliding from the bottom can see the next video. Like Tiktok, the participation button is also on the right side of the screen.

When you see what you like, you can click the small button at the bottom of the window to link to the product on Amazon. Add it to the list.

Over time, Amazon said that as INSPIRE understands the interests of more users by tracking users' participation and preferences, Feed will better customize. In the long run, Amazon plans to add more shopping functions and additional internal functions and content to Inspire to further improve the product.

Amazon said that the brand can post on Inspire, including suppliers and sellers with active brand stores registered in the brand registration center. Amazon has long adopted a popular form from social media to attract shoppers and encourage purchases.

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