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In the second half of 2022, the European energy crisis and the cost of living in residents increased. Europeans were worried that the cold winter was approaching. The news of "Europeans bought explosion electric blankets" frequently appeared on major hot search products. Heating products such as electric blankets were selling well in Europe. The keen seller began to increase orders as early as April, with sufficient time for sea transportation, catching up with the wave of demand before September, and earning a lot of money.

However, Europe ushered in a historic warm winter at the end of last year, and it also caught off guard seller who entered the bureau. To this day, sellers who have entered the bureau can only be helpless to clear their positions, and even a electric heating heating suit is only priced at $ 8, causing a large number of sellers to wait and see.

01 European warm winter shock, great cooling equipment for heating equipment

In the second half of 2022, the export orders of electric water heater were constantly, electric blankets were produced and sold, and the electric heater appeared to "make up the tide" ... Many cross -border sellers are looking forward to the approaching of European winter, and China's heating equipment will once again usher in a round of export heat But Ling Yan's cold winter did not come as scheduled.

Data show that in the past few days, Europe has set a high temperature record in many places. In France, the warmest record has been recorded since December 30 to 31, 2022, and the temperature in the southwestern region was close to 25 degrees Celsius on the day of the New Year. The abnormal high temperature in winter temporarily relieve the European energy crisis, and the price of natural gas has fallen to the lowest level since the Russian -Ukraine conflict.

French meteorologists pointed out that the country's winter high temperature reached its peak from December 30 last year to January 2 this year, but this abnormal weather has lasted for two weeks and will continue. Greek meteorologists predict that this round of abnormal weather will last more than 30 days.

For Europe, which is in a energy crisis, warm winter can make a sigh of relief. The decline in natural gas prices has also reduced the demand for heating equipment such as electric blankets before.

Hugo cross -border search Google trend found that the keywords of#ElectricBlanket (electric blanket) were fluctuated in the French search index. Among them, at the beginning of the energy crisis, the highest peak was reached. Since then, as the warm winter arrives, the search index is declining.

From the perspective of seller elves, the monthly search volume of heating products such as electric blankets in German sites has also ushered in a downward trend. It is worth noting that although the European region is now in warm winter, from the data of several major sites in Europe, The search index of electric blankets in recent months is still high, reaching tens of thousands of search volume, and there are thousands of monthly purchases.

However, a few months ago, the heating equipment reported by various parties had burst into fire, but today's heating product categories have disappeared a lot. Especially when the European warm winter really arrived, the uniform actions of the seller of the warm -thermal purpose was to discount Daqing warehouse.

02 The heating product is cleared, and the heating suit is only sold for $ 8?

Earlier, many sellers wanted to circulate the heating boom to earn "hot money". However, with the changes in supply and demand, some European stations selling heating supplies sellers have begun to reduce the price and clear inventory. "The European energy crisis is special and has certain accidentality. Many manufacturers or new sellers feel that they step on the business opportunities and expand their scale, but now they have shrinking demand." Said Wu Yue said.

In fact, as early as December last year, many sellers watched the scene of 50 % off clearance at the station outside the station. However, at that time, there were still many uncomfortable sellers looking forward to Europe's winter this year may be colder than last year, and there is still opportunities for heating products. Nowadays, the warm winter in Europe has arrived, and the seller of warm -preserving the warmth can no longer be able to lift it. It can only be sold at a low price and pray for the return.

On Amazon, a heating suit that only sells for $ 8 has aroused the attention of a large number of sellers. Many sellers have discussed and guess which sellers who can't do it. "8 US dollars, the cost is so low? Dongguan's heating service costs more than 100." A seller questioned.

Some sellers speculate that the heating suit selling for $ 8, usually has hundreds of purchasing costs. If it is not for charity, then it may be which seller who has shipped the goods at the game is not right or directly shipped. Of course, there are also sellers who do warm -thermal preservation, saying that their company has hot socks, heating gloves, vests, etc., but at present, it is also purely selling goods, and the profit is not high.

Wu Yue said: "The heating product is strong, and the general seller will choose to prepare the goods at a time, and collect it when you earn it. Moreover, the products such as electric blankets and heating clothes are products with a long depreciation cycle. The demand for a long time in the future will decrease. "

Earlier, Yan Dongpo, the founder of Fan Gao E -commerce, said that for heating supplies, he observed business opportunities as early as May, but in the end he did not choose to enter the game. On the one hand, heating products are already a big red sea, and many sellers have sold them, and they continue to enter the game. On the other hand, heating products rely on the season. Once it is warm winter, related products may be difficult to sell.

The weather changes are many, and the changes in the product brought by the warm winter weather in Europe are even more prominent. Wu Yue told Hugo cross -border that although European warm winter alleviated the crisis of natural gas, the market was still worried, and any unexpected extreme weather would bring risks. If it encounters a continuous cold flow later tonight, the natural gas inventory in Europe may be exhausted, and the price of fuel may be pushed up again.

Therefore, in this context, Europe may have encountered pressure on energy shortage this year. "For the European market, the heating equipment cycle is too long, which is not conducive to admission, but from the perspective of energy crisis, we can still take medicine. Look for products that can replace energy heat, such as choosing some products such as heat pumps, water heaters, etc. The penetration rate of heat pumps still has a huge room for improvement. "Wu Yue said.

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